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Communism in

No description

Robert Jackson

on 16 November 2015

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Transcript of Communism in

Communism in
Soviet Russia
Soviet Union
Communism in Russia began growing at its most extreme in 1903, when Vladimir Lenin lead the party to control.
Communism: When the wealth and power of a society is supposed to be divided and shared among all within.

Struggles in an imperfect world.
Early concepts of communism were created by Karl Marx in the 19th century, in his native home of Prussia.
He was exiled for creating unrest between the rich and poor with his book, The Communist Manifesto, which outlined how the rich will always exploit the poor in industrial capitalistic societies.
Joseph Stalin Comes to Power In Russia in 1924
Begins prosecution of religious community, and formally declares The Soviet Union an Atheist nation.

Churches are burned and many clergyman are shot, or replaced with secret Soviet agents.
Under Stalin, most of the Russian government became filled with leaders who shared dual membership in the CPSU and government. Allowing for the creation, and easy enforcement of policy.
World War II Begins
Russian propaganda war starts during WWII, declaring Communism and the Soviet way dominant over German Fascism and American Capitalism.
After defeating Hitler, the Soviet Union rose as a world superpower, under the pretense of defeating Fascist Germany.
It created a believe in the world of the power of a nation "united" under Communism.
The United States and Soviet Union faced off in a war of culture between Capitalism and Communism. Both of which are claiming to be the dominant way of thinking. Propaganda really becomes the main form of spreading their believes.

In the struggle between these two systems, you can find many of the ways they empower and confirm their own sepremacy.
But almost all cultures have vastly similar qualities that are almost universal.
In 1991 the Communistic USSR fell from economic burden, while the Soviets no longer exist, the highly controversial concept of communism remains a hot topic in many nations.
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Lenin used the concept of shared power to encourage the rise of the Communist party membership among its poor citizens.
United States of America
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