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Rock 'n' Roll!

Justin Blum

Justin Blum

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Rock 'n' Roll!

Rock 'n' Roll! Justin Blum Intro It's inevitable that music will change over time. The type of music you listen to and type of music your parents listened to as a kid are probably very different My project will specifically focus on Rock and Roll from the 50's and 60's. "If music be the food of love, play on"

-Shakespeare Elements of Rock and Roll Instrumentation Styles Leading Into Rock and Roll Saxophone Guitar Drums Bass Piano Harmonica Synthesizer Organ Voice Cowbell Violin/fiddle Accordion Steel guitar Jazz Rhythm & Blues Country Slave songs Blues Big band Swing Ragtime Artists in History Elvis Presley Born on January 8, 1935 Died August 16, 1977 Elvis was known as the "King of Rock and Roll" for obvious reasons; he was an American rock and roll sensation! Many of his songs had their roots in African-American and country music. Elvis used upbeat tempos and a lot of back beat to make the style of Rockabilly popular. Presley won 3 Grammys but was nominated for 14. He's the best selling solo artist in the history of popular music! The King of Rock and Roll Records by Elvis Presley The Life of Elvis 1935 Elvis was born in Tupelo Mississippi on January 8 1946 Elvis got his first guitar at the Tulepo Hardware Store for his 11th birthday 1948 Elvis and his family move to Memphis, Tennessee (he is now 13) 1953 Elvis records his first songs, "My Happiness" and "That's When Your Heartaches Begin" at Memphis Recording Service 1955 Elvis signs his first contract with RCA Records 1958 1956 Elvis makes his first network television appearance on "Stage Show" Elvis goes to serve military duty in Germany for 18 months 1959 Priscilla Beaulieu meet at a party at his home in Germany 1964 Elvis's film "Viva Los Vegas" is realeased nationally 1965 The Beatles visit Elvis for a nonformal jam session 1967 Elvis and Priscilla get married in Los Vegas 1968 Priscilla gives birth to her daughter, Lisa Presley in Memphis 1971 Elvis receives an award as one of the ten outstanding young men in the nation by the U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce 1971 Elvis gets the Lifetime Achievement Award from the NARAS 1972 The documentary, "Elvis on Tour", opens 1975 Elvis wins a Grammy for best inspirational performance. He sang, "How Great Thou Art" 1975 Elvis purchases an airplane for $250,000 and names it Lisa Marie, after his daughter 1977 Elvis passes away at Graceland on August 16 Viva Los Vegas Always on my Mind All Shook Up Hound Dog Just Call Me Lonesome 50's 60's Suspicious Minds Carl Perkins Born on April 9, 1932 Died January 19, 1998 The Beatles The Beach Boys Officially formed in 1960 Started to split in September, 1969 Formed in 1961 Have not broken up Records by the Beatles The Life of the Beatles The Life of the Beach Boys Records by the Beach Boys The Life of Carl Perkins Records by Carl Perkins The King of Rockabilly Carl was born near Tiptonville, Tennessee 1932 1954 Carl auditions for Sam Phillips from Sun Records and is signed to the label 1955 At Sun Studio, Perkins records "Blue Suede Shoes", his most popular record 1956 While driving to New York for TV appearances, Perkins and his brother get in a serious car crash and are sent to the hospital 1958 Carl leaves Sun Records for Columbia Records 1986 Carl was featured in the album, "Class of '55" by Sun Studio 1987 Perkins is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 1989 Carl Perkins's "Born to Rock," is released on universal records 1995 Carl publishes his autobiography called "Go, Cat, Go!" 1998 Carl dies of a stroke Blue Suede Shoes Boppin' the Blues Glad All Over Honey don't Everybody's trying to be my baby Let Me Tell You About Love Carl Perkins was known in America as the "King of Rockabilly". Rockabilly is a blend of rock and roll and country music. He gets this blend in his music because he grew up in the southeast. There he heard country singers and the slaves singing rock and blues. He was given the "Career Achievement Award". He was also put in the Hall of Fame. "The Fab Four" "America's Band" Come together Let it Be All You Need is Love Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da Paperback Writer Yellow Submarine Surfin' USA California Calling Catch a Wave Good Vibrations I Get Around Kokomo Little Saint Nick 1956 John Lennon forms the Quarry Men 1957 Paul McCartney joins the Quarry Men 1958 George Harrison joins the Quarry Men 1960 The Quarry Men Become the Silver Beetles 1960 Pete Best joins the Silver Beetles 1960 The band's name is changed to the Beatles 1962 The Beatles sign first recording contract with EMI 1964 The Beatles have their first tour in the U.S. 1962 Pete Best is fired and replaced by Ringo Starr 1965 The Beatles film "Help!" in the Bahamas 1965 The Beatles receive an MBE 1966 The Beatles make their last live performance 1969 The Beatles begin to split John Lennon Paul McCartney George Harrison Ringo Starr Thank you - Thank you very much! 1961 The Beach Boys formed in Hawthorne California 1963 The Beach Boys score their first Top Ten hit, "Surfin' USA" 1964 The Beach Boys reach #1 with, "I Get Around" 1965 The Beach Boys reach #1 with, "Help Me Rhonda" 1966 "Good Vibrations" tops the charts 1988 The Beach Boys are inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 1988 Kokomo was a hit 1993 The Beach Boys won a Q Music Award for best reissue/compilation. They won this with "Good Vibrations" 2001 The Beach Boys won a Grammy for the best long form music video 2012 The Beach Boys have not broken Born October 9, 1940 Died December 8, 1980 Grew up in Liverpool, England Was recognized as a troublemaker Born June 18, 1942 Died N/A Grew up in Liverpool, England An outspoken animal activist Born February 25, 1943 Died November 29, 2001 Born in Liverpool, England Got cancer in many places from smoking Born July 7, 1940 Died N/A Grew up in Liverpool, England Got tonsillitis in 1964 and passed out at a morning photo shoot At the time, the Beatles were considered "bad boys". They were thought of as rebellious and they were a huge hit with the teens. Many other bands liked their kind of music and tried to mimic it. Oddly enough, the Beatles had some classical themed parts in their music. The Beach Boys, like the Beatles made a connection with teens. Their songs focused on having fun. Their most common style of recorded music is surf rock, one of the first surf rock bands on the scene. Many have been in the Beach Boys but only a few have received "official Beach Boys status" Brian Wilson Dennis Wilson Carl Wilson Mike Love Al Jardine Born June 20, 1942 Bruce Johnston David Marks Glen Campbell Blondie Chaplin Ricky Fataar Died N/A Joined 1961 Separated N/A Born December 4, 1944 Died December 28, 1983 Joined 1961 Separated when he died (1983) Born December 21, 1946 Died February 6, 1998 Died of lung cancer Joined 1961 Separated when he died (1998) Born March 15, 1941 Died N/A Joined 1961 Separated N/A Long time supporter of environmental causes Born September 3, 1942 Died N/A Joined 1961 Separated N/A Was an All-arounder on string instruments Was in a psychiatric hospital for a brief period of time Starred in the film, Two-Lane Blacktop Born June 27, 1942 Died N/A Joined 1965 Separated N/A He was adopted Born August 22, 1948 Died N/A Joined 1962 Separated in 1999 Played rhythm guitar Born April 22, 1936 Died N/A Joined 1965 Separated 1965 Was recruited to play guitar when Brian Wilson was separated for a while Born July 7, 1951 Died N/A Joined 1972 Separated 1973 Was born in South Africa Born December 5, 1952 Died N/A Joined 1972 Separated 1974 Starred in a Beatles parody, "The Rutles" (The term Separated means the final separation, as some have separated and joined again.) 1954 Segregation was ruled Illegal in the U.S. This changed music because more people had open minds toward African-American culture, and white music blended with black music 1951 Alan Freed played music for a mixed-race audience and called it rock and roll This changed music because Alan Freed helped promote this type of music and it became very popular 1957 A popular show featuring American Bandstand went national This event helped popularize the "All-American" brand of rock and roll 1953 Cold War is happening The cold war started to influence music in 1953. The most famous artist influenced by this, was Bob Dylan, who sang of war Mid 60's The Drug Scene began Many artists were on drugs like marijuana and acid and they wrote music while they were on the drugs. Psychedelic rock was formed 1964 The Civil Rights Act was passed Aretha Franklin, a very popular soul singer, lent her talents to the civil rights cause and became very famous 1960's There was a generation of "Flower Children" (hippies) This influenced song lyrics and style because people were more philosophical and spiritual 1968 Martin Luther King was assassinated Aretha Franklin wrote a song called, "Freedom" in honor of King and it spread King's cause That's all for my project!
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