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Operational Marketing

Cláudia Pereira

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of Nutella

- Operational Marketing
Cláudia Pereira;
Móni Taigiszer;
Pansy Da Roza;
Ying Ding

75 countries, 5 continents
headquarters: Italy
3.59 euro / 375g
common use:
-in hotels and resorts
-nutella pancake
3.14 euro / 200 g
6.13 euro / 400g
Common use:
-home use
-children and teenagers
*Nutella is sold at the highest price in Japan
-Only found in specific supermarkets
-imported food products are set at a higher price than local products
Hong Kong
2.7 euro / 200g
4.27 euro / 400g
Common use:
-home use
Ingredients: Sugar, vegetable oil (palm oil), hazelnuts (13%), powdered skim milk (8.7%), cocoa powder (cocoa butter 10-12%) (7.4%), emulsifier (derived from soybeans), flavoring
Nutella in Asia
-Mainly imported from Germany and Italy
-mainly used by hawkers/food selling
How to produce a single jar of Nutella?
-kind of the typical 'children food'
-one of the many kind of imported food products
-Nutella is at different prices in different asian countries
More developed places
eg.HK and Japan:
home use
Less developed places
eg. Thailand, Philippines
for re-selling
Nutella is a brand of a hazelnut flavored sweet spread;
It was registered by the Italian company Ferrero at the end of 1963;
The recipe was developed from an earlier Ferrero spread released in 1949;
Some usefull information...
The Nutella Experiment
Glass V.S. Plastic
Golden Foil
Look, Smell and Taste
Napoleon and Hitler are responsible for the world's Nutella addiction;
It actually is the breakfast of champion;
It sells like hotcakes;
It spreads far and wide;
It is well-"liked";
There's a world Nutella day;
There's no masking the flavor;
Nutella has a smeared reputation.
Some curiosities...
In 1946, Pietro Ferrero, started by selling "Pasta Gianduja", originally a solid block;
In 1951 he started selling a creamy version - "Supercrema";
In 1963, Pietro's son Michele revamped Supercrema with the intention of marketing it across Europe - its composition was modified and it was re-named "Nutella".
The first jar of Nutella was sold on 20 April 1964.
The product was a success and remains widely popular.
The estimated Italian production of Nutella averages 179,000 tons per year.
How did it start?
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