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DTF (Death To Flyers) is an advertising presentation for Resident Assistants at Winter Leadership Workshop


on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of DTF

less is more - what's essential?
Available Resources (Programming Center)
Target Audience
What does your audience attend to?
What are they involved in? www.longwood.edu/most_successful_advertising NO 8.5 X 11
Various shapes
Various colors
Unconventional, Well placed locations D.T.F. = Death to Flyers Techniques & Planning Social Media & Videos Non-Traditional Flyers Impact of poor advertising
Poor program turnouts
Wasted time
More work on your part
Resident misinformation
Less connected with residents
RA burnout/frustration Those who work @ their computers change screens/programs 37/hour
Brain processes 3x the information compared to 1960 - flyers were more effective at one time Technology's Effect on the Brain High multi-taskers = more difficulty filtering our irrelevant information
Still present even after done multi-tasking
High internet users = brain better at finding information As technology exposure increases, our ability to attend decreases
Brains now operates on short bursts of information
Respond immediate opportunities & threats (Fight or Flight for the brain) Advertising to a Different Brain than Yesterday's RAs MULTI-TASKING: Gift or Curse? Use What We Know to Impact What We Do & How We Do It LU students have been exposed to high levels of technology since birth & continue to do so on a daily basis Either meet them where they are and with what they are doing
Capitalize on the 5-10 seconds you will be afforded From: Me To: My Residents d-Hall @ l8r 2night? ne1? Don't forget about word of mouth! CHI Princeps Now, you try! i i
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