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Dangerous Desire

No description

charlotte hallisey

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Dangerous Desire

Dangerous Desire Planning Filming Plot Editing We planned our plot through the use of storyboards and we also wrote down a plot list, and shot list and locations where we would film and at what time of day. We filmed at about 4.30pm when it was relatively quiet with not many people around in the area and it was darker. Early on in our planning we had carefully considered the camerawork to be used. Close ups on the eyes were inspired and a key theme, and we also used close ups on both characters to reveal a bit more about their identity and character. With permission we used an office, with a window which looks onto the corridor which was perfect for the office seen when Lucifer watches Lily walk past. We tried to put the audience in the position of the stalker so that particular scenes were shown through his perception, such as when watching Lily walk past, a pan shot in the car park to show him looking for her. On her way home, we could only see the back of Lily as we would as a stalker following her. This has quite a creepy impact as we notice him closing the gap and catching up with her. Camera movement and angles were also vital in our thriller; we used shots from a variety of angles- high up looking down on Lily to make her appear more vulnerable, and mid shots of Lucifer to make him appear more in control.

The only problem was because we were using a hand held camera; many shots were shaky and out of focus which meant we had to re-shoot quite a few shots, but as a positive it meant we had plenty of variety in camera shots, movement and angles included in our film. Other problems faced when filming was weaknesses in the plot, which was realised during filming, which meant a lot of time had to be spent re-planning and shooting. This proved difficult as it was difficult for the whole group to be available at the same time so this proved to be quite a long process, but by making improvements in the plot and continuity it definitely improved our film overall. Jobs were delegated fairly so we managed to work as a group and get the work done. We used final cut express, which was quite easy to use once you got the hang of it. We wanted to edit the film to good effect so we used techniques such as cross dissolve to show the passing of time. I was most proud of the foreshadowing eyes we placed in one scene, when editing which proved very effective. We decided to have subtle titles for our film with bold colours with the title of our film fading in at the beginning, however we used a very lively animated effect to introduce our production name, Fallen Angel Productions.

We used Garageband to produce quite a high pitched soundtrack which was effective. We originally used classical music but decided to change it to a more electric sound to make it more thrilling and creepy, the sounds were non-digetic. It is a psychological thriller. There are two main characters- Lily, the protagonist and Lucifer, the antagonist. Both characters work in an office block and Lucifer has an obssesive love interest for Lily and he stalks her every day, following her around at work, with obssessive updates in his diary with her picture inside. He follows her home- running to catch up with her and to keep her in sight and the whole time she is unaware.
It ends with Lucifer watching her outside her house, through her window- he is watching her every move- leaving the audience on the edge of their seats, waiting to see what happens next and what happens when they inevitably meet. Mise en Scene To create mise en scene we focused on the following key aspects;
- Costume
- Setting
- Camera movement

We used costume to enhance the idea of a working environment, so the clothing our actors wore had to be smart. Lucifer had to wear black trousers and tie and a white shirt and Lily had to wear black trousers and a white blouse. This provided a smart look of an employee.

We chose settings carefully. We used offices as a working environment and a carpark to show the charcter's journey home from work. The normality of everyday settings like these reinforce the theory of equilibrium.

We used camera movement mainly from the stalker's point of view when stalking Lily on her journey home. This creates suspense and provides a perspective from the antagonist's viewpoint for the audience. We used a panning shot in the carpark to show Lucifer searching for Lily and varied the angles. We filmed from height when the camera was on Lily to emphasize her vulnerability.
When the camera was on Lucifer we used lots of close ups to reveal his personality through his facial expressions to show him to be quite an obsessive and creepy and potentially dangerous character. When using close ups we focused mainly on Lucifer's eyes to show that he is always watching her an it becomes a common theme throughout our thriller to make it quite unnerving and creepy for the audience.

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