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Medieval C&P: Case study Roger

No description

Enda Holohan

on 20 October 2015

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Transcript of Medieval C&P: Case study Roger

Medieval C&P: Case study
Frame it
Reading for meaning!
Change and continuity
1. Page 3:
What did they do to catch Roger?
2. Page 4:
What was the Village Constable and what did he do?
3. Page 4:
What was Sanctuary?
4. Page 5:

Who was the Judge at the trial?
5. Page 6:
Where do you think the judge got his authority from?
6. Page 7:
How did they decide if Roger was guilty?
7. Page 8:
What are the similarities and differences between this trial and modern trials?
8. Page 9:
How did they punish Roger?
9. Page 10:
What was the aim/ point of this punishment?
10. Page 10:
How could Roger have saved himself?

Dynamic learning
Open the 'Dynamic Learning power point located here:
O:\Students\History\EHN\Crime and Punishment\Week 4\Lesson 1
Follow the instructions on the power point to access the Dynamic learning resource and today's case study
You will have 3 minutes
What am I?
I am an old not young and I run and run.
However, I never move.
I have no throat or lungs but can make a mighty roar
I am wet not dry and never do I lie (still)
Pair up: Match the years to the periods


Late Medieval



Middle Ages
A Waterfall!
100 - 500 A.D.

500 - 1066 A.D.

1066- 1500 A.D.

1400- 1500 A.D.

1100- 1400 A.D.

500- 1500 A.D.
One step backwards, two steps forward
Once again we are going on walkabout.

This time however there is a small change

You must have answers from 4 different students in each band to the right, i.e. 4 green, yellow and blue
Trials and courts

Create three columns in your books with the above as headings.
As we read through the Roger Ryet story from yesterday you need to highlight or underline sections that shows you an aspect of policing, trials, or punishment from this time period.

You then need to place these in bullet point form under the relevant heading
Wed 12th Feb
2 Hours
OCR/GCSE History
Figure it out!
1: How can you add eight 8's to get the number 1,000? (only use addition)
2: Two fathers and two sons sat down to eat eggs for breakfast. They ate exactly three eggs, each person had an egg. How is this possible?
A : 888 +88 +8 +8 +8 =1,000
A: 1 of the fathers has a son. His son has a son.
Therefore you have 1 grandfather, one father and one son.
But the father is also a son and the grandfather is a father so you have 2 fathers and 2 sons but only 3 people
Decode the message
Please complete the above worksheets on the 'O' drive according to your colour.
Use the powerpoint for your answers
You will have 15 minutes!
O:\Students\History\EHN\Crime and Punishment\Week 4\Lesson 1
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