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Running Man

No description


on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Running Man

Fanatical about
Fanatical about
Running Man

Ha Dong-hoon(Ha Ha)

Games in
Running Man
Chasing Games
Demonstrated his Happiness
Get the public's attention
Characteristic: Playful , Naughty
Profile of Members
Nickname: Haroro , Penguin ...
Song Ji-Hyo
- Ace
-win most of the races
Get a lot of Golds

Characteristic: Clever , beautiful
Nickname: Ace , Mong Ji-Hyo
Group Memebers:
Pang Hiu Tung (35)
Lam Hiu Laam (29)
Mak Tin Ching (33)
Leung Hoi Ki(30)
What we can learn from it
-A funny program for the whole family , friend to enjoy .
-Teamwork is important
-Don't always rely on people

Kim Jong Kook
Yoo Jae-suk
Ji Suk-jin
Water games
Cooking games
- Protect ourselves well
We are going to introduce the most representative
games in Running Man to you.

It is the '
- Tiger in Running Games .
-Always wins the chasing games .
-The strongest person among all the o members .
Although it is a game , we need to play the game seriously and play hard.
Who you will
2 groups of people:

offensive team
defensive team

The offensive team
fasten a bell
tear the name
tags of the opponents.
to and
The Reason of why we are fanatical about
-Laugh together and feel excitement together .
-Funny members : Song-Ji-Hyo , Gary , Ha-Dong-Hun , Yu-Jae-Seok , Ji-Suk-Jin ,
-Favorite member : Song-Ji-hyo : beautiful , cute , very good at games , brave
together with
Characteristic: Strong
Nickname: Sparta , Tiger
Characteristic: silly , naive
Nickname : yellow nose
Nickname : deep fried grasshopper
Characteristic : cheerful
The defensive team
finish the missions
protect themselves
That's all of our presentation
Let's watch a chasing game video
That's all of our presnetation
That's all of our presentation
Anything special about what you are fanatical about?
Running Man is a Korean variety show. Although there are also some variety shows in Hong Kong, Running Man is very different from those in Hong Kong.

Running Man is a creative, thrilling and attractive game show. It is a reality show and there are many interesting and stimulating games that we have never seen before.

Also, the hosts in the show are all very humorous and friendly.We enjoy watching the show and we can get rid of pressure whenever we watch Running Man.
Lee Kwang Soo
tips and hints of the treasure
- Silly person
- bullied by the other members .
Many different kinds of water games
Here are some examples:
Two to three teams
Have a battle with each other.
Super power
super powers, such as invisibility,flying,Precognition and so on.
Characteristic: funny , tall
Nickname : Giraffe
tear the name tags of the other people.
fasten bells
- Monday couple with Song Ji-Hyo - Split Body Technique .
- Always betrayed in the game
-The host of the game
That's all of our presentation
Kim-Jong-Guk and Lee-Kuang-Su
That's all of our presentation
Peaceful Gary
Nickname :
-always share my interest my parents ,friends,classmate

-Many of my classmate Running man's fans

-We can discuss it

-the program can relax while we are studying

-share the Running man video my parents

we can enjoy the program together
-know they always work hard for family

-hope this program can relax them from their work .
+bought collections of Running Man were quiet expensive . -buy some key rings,cards and posters
Also, we need to try our best and improve ourselves.
This the end of our presentation
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