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Project construction Management

PRMG 020 Prof. Dr. Tarek sakr

john adeeb

on 16 July 2013

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Transcript of Project construction Management

Project Management
An over view
Project Management

chapter 2
Planning Scope
chapter 3
Project work break down
the factors affecting on construction project
Project size
Completion time
Project life cycle
Management team
1. define the scope of work
2. identifying the activities involved
3. preparing network diagram
4. analyzing the project network
5. exploring work option
6. establishing standards for controlling resources
7. forecasting input resources
8. forecasting project budget
9. designing control system

Planning steps

• it breaks down project objectives into clear
• aids the management in performing functions efficiently and effectively
• identifies critical activities
• maintains continuity of work

Planning Benfits
Planning Process
Planning Process
• simplifying project plan
• validates time objectives
• aids in optimization of resources
• enables forecasting of input resources

Scheduling benefits
• improves productivity
• ensuring efficiency and effectiveness
• formulating and directing policies for achievement
• provides information concerning corporate goals

Control benefits
Functions and role of chief planner
Planning Process
• formulating the planning and control policies
• making the project time and resource
• formulating the work organization
• establishing the planning and performance
• mobilizing and allocating resource
• monitoring the progress of specified performance measuring
• maintaining the technical records
• updating resource productivity

Project Management simple definition
Project breakdown levels
Project work breakdown
Sub-project level
Are derived by dividing the project work into independent large volume mini projects
Task level
Is identifiable and deliverable major work
Work – package level
Contains sizable, identifiable, measurable, constables package for work
Activity level
The operations and resources which consume time and possibly and are necessary for its completion
Operations level
An activity comprises or more operations each operation contain a part of the work

Assessing activity duration
Project work breakdown
Duration is transaction time
Is the time taken to change from one state to the next within the system
Duration is assessed
The smaller the level of details of an activity the better assessment of its duration
Duration estimation is based on current practices
This implies that the estimation is based on present knowledge of method of transaction in an economical way

Duration estimation method
Project work breakdown
One time estimate
Based on
Planning data past experience
Average time
Three time estimate
If the duration of an activity is not certain, three time estimation is used to compute its expected duration
Te = expected time
To = optimistic time
Tp = pessimistic time
Tm = most likely time

Trapezoidal distribution estimate
The profile of most activities takes the shape of trapezoidal distribution.
A trapezoidal distribution has build-up phase, peak period and rundown phase. The buildup and rundown phase can be expressed in terms of total activity duration, the activity duration can be assesses as under
Activity cost and earned value
Project work breakdown
Costs classification

Activity direct cost
Is the cost that can be traced in full with execution of a specific activity

Activity indirect cost
Is the cost that incurred while performing an activity but cannot be traced directly to its execution
Activity production cost
This cost is the sum of direct cost and its apportioned indirect cost
Activity contract value
Is the contract value of the work done

Chapter one
Thanks for listening
Three chapters on project construction management
Fakhry , John
ID : 700133695
Special Thanks for
Dr. Tarek Sakr
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