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Copy of Brookstone Lesson

No description

Donny Stamper

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Brookstone Lesson

, eliminate debts, declare secession null and void.
Who gets to vote? Blacks?
? Southern Laborforce?
Initiated by Lincoln and passed by Congress on March 3, 1865.
(1865 - 1879)
Atlanta University - Founded in 1865 by the Freedmen's Bureau. It is known today as Clark Atlanta University. Their motto is fitting: "I'll Find a Way or Make One."
“Imagine that you have two sons. Your older son has been bullying and fighting your younger son. The older son says he is upset because the younger son gets more attention. You
punish your son, and he responds by running away from home. Before he leaves, he steals $500 from you. What would you do when your son returns? Would you punish him harshly so he won’t do it again, or be lenient with him if he promises not to do it again? Explain your choice.

What types of things needed "Reconstructing" after the Civil War?
SSUSH10 The student will identify legal, political, and social dimensions of Reconstruction.
a. Compare and contrast Presidential Reconstruction with Radical Republican Reconstruction.
b. Explain efforts to redistribute land in the South among the former slaves and provide advanced education (Morehouse College) and describe the role of the Freedmen’s Bureau.
In Partners discuss this question:
What were some of the obstacles former slaves had to overcome in these new landscape?

Write the Question and Answer in your notes.
President Johnson VS Congress
The Democrat VS The Radical Republicans
Johnson's Reconstruction Plan
Congressional Reconstruction Plan
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