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Life in historic time

No description

thames thames

on 4 October 2015

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Transcript of Life in historic time

At this time, these ancient animals can go far from the sea or ocean. There to much in the sea,on the sore there are to much of amphibians, so they go farther than they where. So they become cold blood animals. As you know, some of them have no fur,or hair,well fishes don't have hair,hairy fish.So...these animals could be meat eater, or vegetarian.There DNA is always different.
Hairy fish!lolololo hahahaha!
The second thing, years pasted, these animals start to have there shell, this can let itself to protect it using the shell, and the grand animals could be stronger to.This time, the animals would grow bigger as the time go's.They start to eat each other to let them eat. They can't survive without food.
Life in historic time

by Frankie-Kuo

As knows that how dinosaurus died.well, just kidding.haha!actually, they died because it cause a big problem. They died because a idiot funky meteorite trying to destroy planet earth.This makes a big explodision that created the ice age. those dinosauruses had fur,those survived through it.They are possible are vegetarian's, and there were no grass,no trees,there all under the ice. only some of them,the private guys could live through it.Its VIP.
How do human come from?
Human's are (actally monkey's)
from the monkey family. These monkey's are acctally smart, and these guys try to think and learn, because its learning, it actally makes it to have a evolution, that's why.
How does life come from?
Life is come from in the ancient time's,when earth was born, these random bacterias, these bacterias start to form into the simplest animal's,like jelly fish..., and these animals can only survive in water.In that time, these animals don't have shell
In this time, these animals start to come above from the water to land.Because there to much of animals in rivers, oceans,seas,so they start to have legs similar to the frog's life cycle.And these are the first anphibians.
After the Ice Age, Its the normal temperature.These furry dino's has become mammals, and there are less of cold blood animals still survived from it. These furry animals some of them become monkey's,the cold blood animals become crocodile, lizard, Tortorise, snake...in the water, there still the ancient fish...and the flying dinosauruses become bird's.
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