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Leadership skills service project.

No description

Lucas Green

on 2 September 2014

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Transcript of Leadership skills service project.

The best part of this project was going to the shelter and visiting with the many different animals on sight.
What was the best part of working on this project?
Did the actual service turn out as you expected? How so?
I believe the work done by citizens does make a difference. As I stated above, if the citizens chose not to get involved and find others ways to help organizations meet their needs, sadly menay would go unmet.
Does the work done by citizens make a difference? How?
Is it important to be involved in your community? Why or why not?
I expected the turn out for donations to be much greater than it did. I became very frustrated with many of our local stores within the community and their lack of concern or desire to want to help.
I met Kim Simpkins from a local Community service group on social media. She is a wonderful asset to our community. She goes beyond her call of duty to assist others including animals. She gathered many items that were included in my donation to the shelter.
Did you meet new people? How are these people important to your community?
I believe it is important to be involved in our community because if no one chose to be involved, most likely needs would go unmet and many organizations would rely solely on financial backing to aid them in their cause
I felt that my service project had a impact on the animal shelter. Even though it wasn't much. The donations I gave will help the animals and give them a good place to sleep. Also I feel that my project wasn't what I wanted it to be but it worked and I was able to give donations even though it took a long time.
Service Project
In what ways has this service project affected you?
It was sad to know the circumstances as to why they were there, it was a good feeling knowing even though what I did had little impact, it was still going to a beneficial cause.
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