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The Aboriginal peoples and Canada

No description

Austin Shaw

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of The Aboriginal peoples and Canada

First Nations Helping Canada
Canada has been in touch with the first nations since the earliest of times, they helped us to explore the continent as they acted as guides for the europeans who didn't know where they were going, they also helped us out with the fur trade as they helped us gather and trade furs with others, even though this eventually caused a war they still played a crucial part in helping us become what we are now.
Aboriginal Arts
The arts that the Aboriginal peoples give to us gives them a big place in our identity, as we find it very interesting to learn from and to view, the Canada council has also given them 5.9 million dollars in funding to help them with their arts so that we can showcase them in museums across all of Canada, also seventy-seven percent of respondents feel that there is a great deal to learn from Aboriginal
heritage, culture, and the relationship between Aboriginal Peoples and the land, and seventy percent of Canadians feel that Aboriginal arts and cultures play an important role in Canada's tourism industry, both domestically and internationally.
Residential Schools and respect for the First nations
We know that in the 1800's First Nations peoples were put into residential schools, which was terrible for the First Nations children, until the 1980's of course because at that point, Canada had realized what they had done wrong and have made a change apologizing for their mistakes and what they did. Now, up to today, the Aboriginal people's enjoy renewed pride and confidence and have made great achievements in agriculture and the arts.
National Aboriginal Day
National aboriginal day, June 21st, is a reminder of the First Nations connection to the Calgary Stampede, which is also a great part of our identity. This is an excellent way to acknowledge the central role that Aboriginal people play in our country, in 1912, 1,800 First Nations people participated in the Calgary Stampede, leading the parade, competing in the rodeo and camping in the first informal Indian Village, to this day the first nations participation remains one of the most unique components in the stampede.
Thank you!
The First Nations Peoples and Canadian Identity
The first nations people have played a crucial role in building our Canadian identity, since they have been here for perhaps 12,000 years now, their arts and culture impact our identity greatly and we will show you why they are given a prominent place in our identity.
Overall, if we did not respect the First Nations peoples and didn't think they were a part of our identity we would not be pushing to make a a change for the better, or to help them out at all, we wouldn't be trying to preserve their language or be giving them funding for any of the arts that they give us, we wouldn't allow them to have a day where we remember what they have done for us. Museums have many artifacts from the First Nations that you can learn from, and the Stampede has many attractions that allow people from all over the world to learn about First Nation culture because its a large part of our Canadian Identity and who we are.
The Aboriginal peoples and Canada
By: Austin, Carla, Rami and Izzy
Preserving First Nations Heritage
As the aboriginal population continues to be on the rise in Canada, the government is pushing to work with the First Nations to help make things better. The government has made the Aboriginal Languages Initiative (ALI) to help protect Aboriginal culture so that they can continue to be a part of our Canadian Identity.




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