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the history of the world according to abbie

No description

Henry Cardinals

on 29 November 2017

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Transcript of the history of the world according to abbie

Where were you born
In a bed at Procter in Peoria,IL
What event in the world has had the biggest impact on the family history
When my great grandpa got forced to be a nazi. why? because we have german
farthest place if been from henry, IL is south Carolina. Why? to visit my grandpa
what is the farthest you have been from henry IL
south Carolina why? to visit my grandpa

I would go to Brazil why? to live in the tropics and to live by monkeys
When did your famliy move to marshall county area
In 1900's
the history of the world according to abbie
what do history event made the most in paced on your famliy
Who is my biggest hero
Who do you think is the biggest villan of all time
What is the biggest problem facing the world
What do you believe your responsibility regarding world problems is
If I could go anywhere where would you and why would u go there
What event mad the most inpacked on my life is when Hitler forced people to be nazis like my great grandpa.
My biggest hero is Albert Einstein, because he inspired me to do the impossible
I think Donald Trump because hes trump and he is trying to split America apart
The biggest problem is when
trump was elected president
it could be fixable if trump dose not want to be president any more

What do you believe american's responsibilities regarding world problems
I believe it is to keep the world safe for others
I believe it is to keep it clean
What event going on in the world do u wish you knew more about
What event I wish i knew more about is why Donald has such a young wife
What event in the story of the world do you know most about
What event I know most about is Albert Einstine
What do you want your legacy to be hen you die
I want my legacy to be the worlds best person with animals
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