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Blended Learning

Prezi on the NSW Det document - Blended Learning

heather davidson

on 18 July 2010

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Transcript of Blended Learning

Blended Learning The Blended Learning document was developed under the CAP program to help teachers overcome issues arising from geographical isolation. So why is it relevant to us? It is a practical source of ideas for using ICT in our classes. It provides a link between ICT activities and the Quality Teaching Framework It uses Blooms taxonomy as a model for programming ICT activities. http://www.tale.edu.au Learning Repositories Hardware Learning Management Systems Blogging, Web and Wiki Tools Document and Presentation Tools Communication Tools Organisational Tools Data Representation and Manipulation Tools Programming Environments Online Collaborative Student Projects Media Conversion Tools Learning Support Tools Interactive Whiteboard Screen Capture MS PowerPoint www.zamzar.com This animation was made in MS Movie Maker, originally saved as a wmp file and converted to a flv file, using www.zamzar.com, for inclusion in this prezi. www.prezi.com The ability for many users to edit a prezi online
make it a useful tool for group work. Prezi tip... Audacity Movie Editing - "Premier Elements" and "Photos Story" TOOLS + Creative Commons http://www.flickr.com/creativecommons/ Rubistar Soshiku Alice Heather Davidson and Julia Karpour © 2010 Apple learning Interchange -

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