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Greek Gods and Goddesses: Overview

No description

Elizabeth Shults

on 8 August 2013

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Transcript of Greek Gods and Goddesses: Overview

An Overview
The Greek Gods and Goddesses
Roman Name: Jupiter
father and ruler of gods on Mount Olympus
god of sky and lightening
led rebellion against Titans
husband to Hera (his sister)
very promiscuous (not a good husband)
fathered many gods & demigods by seducing humans, nymphs, gods, and other beings; usually not in his true form
Roman Name: Juno
queen of the gods
goddess of happy and loyal marriages
vengeful and spiteful
torments Zeus's many lovers and illegitimate children
The Nine Muses
Responsible for
Epic Poems usually begin with prayer to muses
Roman: Neptune
Zeus's brother
god of sea, oceans, earthquakes
known for causing chaos (temper tantrums)
good at making sea creatures
not so great at land animals (camel, elephant)
Roman: Pluto
Zeus's brother
god of death & underworld
has a helmet of invisibility
married (stole) Persephone
Roman: Proserpine
goddess of plant life and fertility
married to Hades
daughter of Demeter
reason for the seasons
Roman: Venus
goddess of desire and beauty
married to Hephaestus - god of forge and fire
has affairs with Ares, god of war
Roman: Minerva
goddess of intelligence / skill / cleverness
born from Zeus's headache
symbol is the owl
grants good ideas
Roman: Bacchus
god of wine, inebriation, and celebration
god of tragedy
Roman: Vulcan
god of fire, craftsmanship, and the forge
crippled (Zeus flung him from heavens in rage)
assisted by three cyclops
makes Zeus's javelins among other things
Roman: Ceres
goddess of grain / harvesting
Persephone's mother
plain, but important
Roman: Mars
god of war
Greek = coward / bully
Roman = fierce
patron of Rome
son of Zeus and Hera
goddess presiding over military triumphs
accompanies Athena
"winged victory"
Roman: Apollo
Hyperion / Helios
god of the sun, light, sacred music, healing
sends prophecies through Oracles at sacred shrines
Very possessive of sacred golden cows
son of Zeus and Leto
Roman: Eros
son of Aphrodite and Ares (love and war)
two arrows: gold for love, lead for dulled passion
eventually marries Psyche
The Dawn
paints morning sky
Roman: Diana
goddess of the moon, the hunt, and virginity
Zeus's favorite
daughter of Zeus & Leto (twin of Apollo)
Roman: Mercury
god of travelers, messengers, thieves, trickster, gamblers
wears winged sandals
guides spirits of dead into realm of Hades
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