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Research Questions, Objectives and Hypotheses- Differences a

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Paige Andrew

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Research Questions, Objectives and Hypotheses- Differences a

Research Questions, Objectives and Hypotheses- Differences and Similarities
What is research?
organised, objective, controlled qualitative or quantitative empirical analysis of one or more variables (Kothari, 2004).
Research Hypothesis
An educated guess or reasoned speculation on the relationship between two or more variables
Research Question
A highly focussed question which enquirers the goal of a study. It illustrates what is being investigated
Research Objectives
Statements of what the researcher intends to do and flow directly from the problem which helped to formulate either the hypothesis or the research question.
Males who play violent video games tend to display more violent behaviour than those who don’t.
All crucial to research studies as they guide the study.

R.Q. &R.H. seen as spine of study.

R.O helps researcher figure out what he/she aiming to find at the end of study.
‘What is the relationship between the prevalence of violence in video games responsible for violent behaviour among males?’
Can be seen as the subdivisions of the problem which are specific and measurable.

a) To determine how much time males between the ages of 13 to 21 spend playing violent video games.

b) To find out whether the violence in video games is the only factor responsible for violent behaviour among this group.
Similarity 2
They all help with the construction of the conclusion.

Prove/disprove thesis
Answer research question
Objectives ensure all aims of study were carried out.

Research Objective & Hypothesis
They must both possess a specific population which will be studied as well as a specific independent variable and a specific dependent variable.
R.H vs R.Q
Hypothesis predicts the outcome of the study while question looks at one possible outcome.

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Different elements of research
'spine of research'
Can be proved or disproved.
Null hypothesis
Directional vs non directional hypothesis
Goal of the research study is to answer your research question.
General and Specific objectives
R.Q vs R.O vs R.H.
Hypothesis states relationship between two variables.
Research question only addresses one concept or component of the hypothesis.
Research objectives aim to break down the variables in the hypothesis or the concepts in the research question to give the study more focus
R.Q vs R.H
Hypothesis used when area of research is more established or if certain of the proposed relationship between the variables in their study.

When there is little to no prior research to draw on, researchers use research questions.
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