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asl transitions

No description

Samantha Lewis

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of asl transitions

Asl Transitions Definition We will sign a transition and students will have to decide what action goes along with it. Students will then sign the completed sentence. Activity Transitions take place of punctuation and pauses
that we use in written English. Reason behind using transitions In ASL, we use pauses, facial expressions or
time markers to distinguish between chunks
of ideas/information Vocab Growing up
Elementary School
Middle School
Fall Comparison between transitions in English and ASL English: Examples: Elementary School, HS, College, Morning, Night Flat palm facing down, move upwards from feet to head dominant hand: e, non dominant hand is hovering above it while e is moving in a circle H-S Non-dominant hand lined parallel to
floor. Dominant hand makes a large c-shape non-dominant hand parallel to the floor and the dominant hand is in a l-shape hand facing you Same as morning with hand not facing you On Monday I go to School. place dominant hand over non-dominant hand and swipe your hand over non-dominant cup your non-dominant hand, bring your dominant hand and move it past non-dominant, making a dominant hand look like a flower blooming make a fist with both hands and move back and forth make a 1 across your forehead and curl your finger out raise your dominant hand and place your non-dominant by your elbow and release down middle finger of your dominant hand to the open palm of your non-dominant hand. clap twice (sign school)
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