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Rebecca Habeeb-Silva

on 25 January 2018

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Conflict Styles
Power Struggles

Why Do People Behave Negatively?
Understanding Conflict Styles
Helps to understand what tools to use in different situations
Helps in understanding how to manage behaviors according to the people we deal with
Helps to prevent crisis before conflict happens
Helps in understanding the motivation for undesirable behaviors
Human Behavior
Behavior is LEARNED
Behavior is a function of the environment
New behaviors can be taught
Old behaviors can be unlearned
We change behavior by changing the ENVIRONMENT
Behavior is a student’s communication
Behavior communicates needs and one (primarily) of the following:

Access to tangibles

The Fox
The fox is very manipulative. She make everything good for the moment, but her resolutions are just good for the moment (band-aid)
Ultimately people end up disappointed with the way this person deals with conflict
The fox is quick to bite of more than she can chew; her lack of skill will eventually come back to haunt her

The Shark
The Shark's way of dealing with conflict is very uncompromising
Most people dislike the shark
The Shark's style is good for a do-or-die situation

3 Tools to Building Healthy Relationships
Understanding Chronic Misbehavior
If a student repeatedly engages in a problem behavior , he/she is most likely doing it for a reason, because it is paying off for the student
The behavior is Functional or serves a purpose
Behavior is a form of communication , unfortunately some students learn that Problem Behavior is the best way for them to get their needs met

Why do People Choose to Behave Well?
ABC’s of Understanding Chronic Behavior Patterns
Causes of Crisis
Poor communication
Poor stress management skills
Power struggles
Lack of self knowledge
The Teddy Bear
The Teddy Bear always has an idea, but most people shoot their ideas down
People view the ideas of the Teddy Bear as flimsy, at best
This conflict style is seen as being weak, some may even say the Teddy Bear is a two-faced conformist who stands for nothing and will fall for anything
The Turtle
The turtle probably has the best ideas, but no one will ever know because he too afraid to let anyone know what is on his mind
The turtle would rather tuck his head in his shell and wait for confrontation to go away
These types of people suffer from ulcers, heart problems, insomnia and severe headaches
The Yoda
The Yoda conflict style is a master of all conflict styles put together as one
The difficulty with this style is you have to know which style to bring to the forefront depending upon the situation and the people involved.
The Yoda conflict style allows you to be a shark when you have to, and at times, the turtle can help deescalate a potentially volatile situation.
The Owl
The Owl is the levelheaded, most consistent conflict style of all
The owl is a problem-solver; the owl does not overreact or engage in a power struggle
The owl never makes a decision without thinking it over
Avoiding Power Sruggles
Understanding power struggles is the key to avoiding them
Conflict is an unavoidable part of life; it is how we handle conflict that sets is apart as professionals

Relational Component
Don't engage power struggles
Give positive choices within limits
Proactive work of building relationships
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