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Hey Sara.

No description

Emma Williams

on 28 March 2017

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Transcript of Hey Sara.

Hey Hester.
May I ask how you got this number? And who you are?
(616) 267-9048
Oh! I'm sorry I'm Abigail. Someone
said that you can...give advice?
Nice to meet you Abigail, and yes I provide advice.
Hester Prynne
Hester Prynne
Oh um, I had an affair
with a man. And some of the after math is just..
Well it seems that you
regret this?
No... But, also yes. I caused
a lot of people to he hurt
because I wanted to be
with him..
Oh my, would you explain
Well the mans name was
John Proctor and I
loved him but..
But his wife was in
the way of our love
I convinced my friend,
I'm not even sure if she is my friend, but i got her to make a poppet to frame his wife of witchcraft...

Why would you want her gone?
(616) 297-9048
So John and I could be together... But... I cant be with him now...
Can you go back and
make thing right?
Well... Hes dead.
Why don't you apologize to
his wife?
I cant get away from the
life im in right now...
Than why have you
to me?
I wanted to tell
someone Thank you.
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