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by Kennedy Hill

No description

Kennedy Hill

on 7 December 2016

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Transcript of by Kennedy Hill

Jean Baptiste Lully
Royal Academy of Dance
Ballet de la Nuit
Pierre Beauchamps
by Kennedy Hill
Dance History: 1500-1650
King Louis XIV
Ballet Comique de la Reine
The first ballet in Europe (France).
King Louis XIII
Marriage of Catherine de Medici to Henri II
Catherine's dominance of the French court as the Queen Mother and her love of ballets led to the production of the first ballet in Europe.
Important in the transition of dance dominance from Italy to France.
(Kassings 97)
his passion for dancing set the stage for Louis XIV
multi-talented king who enjoyed producing and performing in court ballets.
(Kassings pg 95)
(Kassings pg 97)
(Kassings pg 97)
Instrumental in establishing dance as a profession for both men and women.
Established the Academie Royale de la Musique & comissioned more than 1,000 ballets.
(Kassings pg 105)
in this ballet Louis XIV portrayed the Sun King, after which he became known by that name.
Credited with the clarification of the five positions of the feet and development of a notation system for dance
(Kassings pg 104)
established by Louis XIV to develop polite and courtly dance.
became the Paris Opera in the next century.
(Kassings pg 98)
supervisor of ballet in the court of Louis XIV
responsible for adding dance to the institution of the Royal Academy of Music
his work contributed to the development of professional dancers and created the aesthetics for the 17th century.
Fostered the development of ballet in France.
"Sun King"
stop @ 1:19
commissioned by Lully to be the first ballet master at the Academie Royale de la Musique
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