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Aboriginal Employment Strategy - Indigenous Employment Report Launch

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Transcript of Aboriginal Employment Strategy - Indigenous Employment Report Launch

Aboriginal Employment Strategy
Our Future Leaders.
Can can see themselves as a manager,
owner or business leader within
Our Approach for the Future
Danny Lester
Of AES placed career seekers are expecting
a promotion over the next 12 months
Of Indigenous Career Seekers said career and promotion prospects were important to them when considering a
job opportunity
5 years
60% of Females 40% of Males
of career seekers
of placed candidates
As CEO, what stands out to me
About the report
Conducted by Newspoll
Feb 2011
Base of 300 respondents each registered
with the AES
150 Career Seekers
150 Placed Candidates
48% Male
52% Female
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Career Seekers
have spoken.

Their voice is clear.
The AES is effective.
Friday 14 September 2012
Scott Melville
Chief Operating Officer
AES Cadetship and Graduate

Program the "HOW"
Aboriginal Employment Strategy
Cadetship and Graduate Session
Source: ABS
Jane, Sarah & Donna, Sydney
There is a huge amount of
energy, ambition and
commitment from an
aspirational group.
of placed candidates say the AES have helped secure AND retain
their current role
ca-reer [ku-reer] -noun
1.an occupation or profession, especially one requiring
special training, followed as one's lifework:
2.a person's progress or general course of action through
life or through a phase of life, as in some profession or undertaking:
3.success in a profession, occupation, etc.
The Lucky Country
the fact that the AES
is 100% Indigenous managed
has a postive impact on its service
"we have walked in their shoes"
AES Manager
A scorecard for the AES
Indigenous Rate of
Unemployment (2000 -2009)
17- 18%
We MUST Establish Career based opportunities
that encourage and
support career
We MUST ensure 50% of the total Indigenous
workforce is working in medium
to high-level occupations within
the next five years.
We MUST make graduate and cadetship programs an essential first step on the career ladder - supported by
a group- training model.
The 5 things we must do
We MUST provide third party
coaching and guidance to career
seekers and placed candidates
throughout,enabling greater
levels of retention, career and
social development.
We MUST create a framework that
ensures Indigenous students are better
equipped in choosing a career.
Ambitious Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Talent
Acknowledgement to Country
4 in 10 Placed Candidates feel that in 5
years time, they will be earning over
(Current Average National Salary - $64,000)
Shaquille & Lauren
And ensure that families are involved
of Career Seekers are currently undertaking
training or education to help their career
of Indigenous Career Seekers rate a Career
as a important thing in their life.
A Priority.
Forward Looking and Confident
Rodney Williams
AES Manager
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