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raven moore

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of 9/11

What is 9/11 The 9/11 was a devastating day for all Americans,
and had started a new war with terriorists.It was
a series of four coordinated attacks from the terrorist group al-Qaeda upon the United State in New York City, and the Washington D.C on September 11,2001. This day allowed everyone to see how everyone can come together to help the ones in need. 9/11 was when the twin towers were struck by terrorist

2,973 victims were killed

19 coordinators from the al-Queda planned the attack

still remembering it today Main points of what happened 9/11 By: East Moore
Alesha Willis 9/11 the hijackers hijacked four commercial US airplanes

they all had the intent of dying in the process of killing others

all 19 coordinators died while carrying out the attack

on the fourth plane the staff and passengers tried to fight back but sadly crashed into a field near Sanksville,Pennsylvania The whole attack killed 2,973 citizens

246 people died on the hijacked planes

55 military personnel where killed in the pentagon

civilians from more than 90 different countries died

Cantor Fitzgerald L.P. lost 658 employees while Marsh inc. lost 335 employees TERRORIST on the 10Th anniversary on CBS in 2002 aired "9/11" a documentary about New York firefighters but soon eye witnessed the events of 9/11 themselves

this event has influenced many movies
in the next slide is a trailer of one of the many movies about it . DEATHS remembering the event to the day The attacks started at 8:46 am and lasted till 10:03 am .Many say that we are fortunated that the struck early because if it was any later it would have killed more people .

At 5:30 the World Trade center building
number 7 collapsed but not due to a plane crash. THE ATTACK www.9/11 facts .com
youtube SOURCES
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