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Women of The Iroqouis

No description

Eric Gadbois

on 23 May 2012

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Transcript of Women of The Iroqouis

Women of the Iroquois! The Three Sisters Why is The Three Sisters represented by three women carrying plants? The 3 sisters carrying the crops represent the crops because they are stronger when they are together just like the three vegetables. The corn provides a center for the beans to grow around while together the corn and beans provide shade for the squash to grow. If one of the crops disappeared, the rest wouldn’t be able to grow. Just like in the story of The Three Sisters. How Did The Three Sisters Come To Be? Iroquois people believe that the earth was created when the “Sky Woman”, who lived in the world above, fell through a hole in the clouds to an endless sea. All of the animals witnessed this event so they dove down to the bottom of the sea and gathered lots of dirt and spread it on the back of a large sea turtle to create a softer landing for the “Sky Woman”. This island that was created is now known as North America. When the “Sky Woman” had fallen, she was pregnant. After she landed she gave birth to a baby girl, when the baby had grown into a young woman she also became pregnant, thanks to the West Wind. The young woman gave birth to twin boys but unfortunately died at their birth, her mother buried her in the dirt of the “New Earth”. From the place of her burial grew three plants: The Corn, which gave a stalk for the beans, The Beans, which with the corn gave shade to the squash and The Squash. These three plants gave food to the women’s sons, and later, for all of humanity. Was there only 3 sisters? What did the other represent? Yes and No, there were only 3 sister. However, there was a brother. The brother was Tobacco, it represented the god Losheka who gave the Iroquois many of their ceremonies and rituals. He also gave the Iroquois Tobacco, so to honour their god, it is only smoked on the ceremonies and rituals that Losheka also gave them. What is the story of the Three Sisters? What Does the Quote Mean? When the quote says: "The Women carry the seeds of the future and of the plant life." It means that the women will be responsible for giving birth to children who will be involved in future nations. Also it means that the women choose the chiefs which means their decisions will affect the whole future nation. They were also responsible for growing and picking the crops. Thanks For Watching!!! How does the Great Law Of Peace affect the clan mothers? To honour Jikohnsaseh, who had rejuvenated his spirit, The Peacemaker selected women to become clan mothers, who would lead the family clans and select the chiefs. They were also given the power to dissident a chief. Hearing of her actions, Jikohnsaseh taught the women how to respect one another, the women also learnt the true price of war. It then became one of a woman’s role to encourage the chiefs to seek a peaceful resolution. Once a long time ago, there were three sisters who lived in a field together. In sense of their size and way of dressing, they were very different. The youngest and smallest sister was so young that she could only crawl, she liked to always dress in green. The middle and second sister enjoyed wearing a bright yellow dress and had a habit of always running off by herself when the sun came out and shone while the wind blew across her face. The third, oldest and tallest of the Three, always stood very straight and above the others, trying to protect them. She always wore a pale green shawl over her head that covered her long yellow hair. Aside all the differences there was one way all the sisters were alike, they loved each other and all stayed together and strong. One afternoon a Mohawk boy came to visit the field the Three Sisters were working in, he talked to the birds and all other animals which got the attention of the sisters. Later that summer the youngest sister mysteriously disappeared, which made the other two deeply saddened. Soon, the Mohawk boy came again to gather reeds while the two sisters watched the boys trail of moccasin prints. Deep night the second sister also disappeared without a trace. Now all that was left was one sister, the oldest. The sister continued to stay strong and work in the fields, although inside, she was deeply upset. The Mohawk boy returned once more and when he saw the sadness hiding behind the sisters eyes, he brought the sisters back, when the sisters reunited they were overjoyed and stronger than ever. Now You Know All About......
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