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Compare and Contrast

No description

Nic Harris

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Compare and Contrast

Compare and Contrast
Grimms' Cinderella
and Yeh-Shen
In the Grimms' Cinderella the story starts off with Cinderella's mother about to die, so she calls Cinderella over to her bedside and says, "Be good and pious and the good god will always protect you."
in Yeh-Shen, Yeh-Shen's mother was sent away and Yeh-Shen was an orphan most of her life.
Rising Action:
In the Grimms' Cinderella there was a three day festival that Cinderella was not able to go to, but she cries to the heavens and a beautiful gold and silver dress falls from a hazelnut tree so she snuck off to the ball.
in Yeh-Shen there is a feast at the king's castle. Sadly Yeh-Shen couldn't go either, for her mother got rid of all her nice clothes.
Rising Action 2:
In the Grimms' Cinderella a magical figure appears in the form of two doves and the mother never finds out about them.
in Yeh-Shen the magical figure is a fish, but the mom finds out about it and then eats it. When Yeh-Shen goes back to the fish, she sees it is dead and brings it back to her home. Although she does not have her fish anymore, the fish's bones grant wishes.
Rising action 3:
In the Grimms' Cinderella, Cinderella's father is going to a market so he asks the stepsisters and Cinderella what they want. The stepsisters said they wanted jewels and beautiful dresses and Cinderella wanted the first hazelnut tree twig that knocks off his hat.
in Yeh-Shen, since Yeh-Shen's father was sent away the stepsister and Yeh-Shen did not get anything.
Rising Action 4:
In the Grimms' Cinderella, Cinderella's dad remarried a mother with two girls. The girls were mean to Cinderella.
in Yeh-Shen, Yeh-Shen's mother got sent away. Yeh-Shen was an orphan most of her life and so someone adopted Yeh-Shen, and now she has one mean stepsister.

In the Grimms' Cinderella, Cinderella cries that she can't go to the ball so two white doves give her a gold and silver dress and so she sneaks off to the ball.
in Yeh-Shen she is so sad that her fish got killed that the spirit of the fish comes out and gives Yeh-Shen a beautiful blue topaz feather-dress. So she sneaks off to the festival as well.
Falling Action 2:
In the Grimms' Cinderella, Cinderella loses her gold slipper and so when the prince goes to Cinderella's house the stepsisters cut off their toes and heels to fit on the slipper.
in Yeh-Shen the king leaves the slipper in his kingdom and watches who tries it on to see if it fits.
Falling Action:
In the Grimms' Cinderella, Cinderella and the prince met and danced until midnight. And when anyone asked Cinderella to dance the prince said, "This is my partner."
in Yeh-Shen, Yeh-Shen and the king danced and ate together until Yeh-Shen's mother and stepsister went home.
In the Grimms' Cinderella the conflict is Cinderella versus her mom and stepsisters.
in Yeh-Shen the conflict is Yeh-Shen versus her mom and stepsister.
In the Grimms' Cinderella, Cinderella and the prince got married and they lived happily ever after.
in Yeh-Shen, Yeh-Shen and the king got married and lived in the kings castle and lived happily ever after.

BY, Kaylie Hanson
& Nic Harris
hi nic
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