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1920's golf

No description

brittany mendenhall

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of 1920's golf

In this picture Walter Hagen was about to take his first hit at the open chamionship.hagen ended up winning the Open Championship in 1922 and then soon after he opened a golf equipment company under his own name. Bobby Jones was a lifelong amateur but alot of people thought he was the best golfer in history. He won the entire Grand Slam in 1930 Jones was the only person ever to do this in a single year. Jones called a penalty on himself causing his loss in a tournament. Over his career he won 13 major championships.He never took money for his golfing golfing winnings.He founded the Augusta National Golf Club, out of which came the Masters Tournament. Gene Sarazen was American professional golfer he was one of the world's top players in the 1920s and 1930s.Sarazen is one of five golfers with to win all the current major championships in his career, the Career Grand Slam: U.S. Open in 1922, 1932, PGA Championship in 1922, 1923, 1933, Archie Compston was an English professional golfer.Through the 1920s he built a reputation for himself.he was great golfer in the 1920s in 1928 Archie won the British PGA Matchplay Championship in 1925 and also in 1927 in 1920 the golf clubs were called pretty faces.they were wooden where today they are metal in the 1920s golers wore formal jackets with ruffled cravats and knee-length breeches over long stockings.over a couple of years they started wesring knickers and argyle socks. V-neck sweaters, vests and bow ties the most famous golf course in the 1920s was pebble beach which was created in 1919 Famous Nuwara Eliya Golf Course was also a famous golf course in the 1920s before the golf ball was invented they would hit a pebble the traditional golf bags are made out of East Indian rosewood some fiberglass was included to ensure durability
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