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Is Prezi the best presentation maker?

Prezi VS Powerpoint, Zoho and the rest of the presentation makers in the world!

Ruhamah W

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Is Prezi the best presentation maker?

Prezi: fun, creative, easy! I've only just started using Prezi and I'm already impressed by how fun and easy it is to use! GO PREZI! Insert text, images, and videos
Edit the size and font or your text
Add creative tables and graphs
Use set themes and paths for the presentation

All this for freeeeeee!

GO POWERPOINT! insert text, images and videos
pick from themes or start from a blank presentation.
Choose from many different animations to use on the transitions in between slides
use WordArt and SmartArt
Easily have the same design on every slide with just one click

Although you do need to pay to get
Powerpoint, Word and Exel...
To make up your mind: Is Prezi the Best there is? Pros Cons Compare (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr It looks great, keeps your audience awake! It is online so you
need to access the internet to work on it. It doesn't look very
professional and serious, if that is what you need. Prezi is an online
tool, so you can log
in and work on it
anywhere you are! * *although that means you need to have an internet connection so is this a Pro or Con? or If you are looking to make a laid back, easy, creative presentation use Prezi!

If you want to stay professional and serious go for PowerPoint.
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