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New York Colony Entertainment

No description

Two Cornell-Klein

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of New York Colony Entertainment

Ball & Cup is a fun toy. It is basically an instrument that is rounded at the top with a ball on a string attached to it. The object is to swing the ball into the rounded area. This games requires one thing, luck or skill. Hopefully, you have one of those.
Ball & Cup is made out of wood. It is neatly carved with a tiny wooden hand-crafted ball. Ball & Cup was the most popular toy. Yes, that is a fact! Although, there were some other great toys. Ball & Cup Buzzers were fun little gadgets. Actually, they are still popular. Also, guess what, I have one! Buzzers are named because of the sound they make. The object is to get it spinning fast and for a long time.
Buzzers are also made of wood and string, like the ball and cup. The way to do them is to grab the sides and twist it. Once it is twisted, pull the string apart. The spinning is what makes the buzzing noise. That is the Buzzer. Buzzers Tops Tops are very well known. In fact, they have been remade into all different kinds of toys. What you try to do is have your top spin longer than your opponent. Some people were smart and tried to hit their opponent's top physically.
Tops were made of wood back in the colonial times. Today, tops are made of metal and plastic. This makes them more durable. Now a game lasts longer.
Bibliography Thank you historylives.com That website gave me pictures, info, and ideas for new toys!
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