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To Kill a Mockingbird(Chapter 11)

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bss ssb

on 21 October 2015

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Transcript of To Kill a Mockingbird(Chapter 11)

In this chapter, Jem is told he must read to Mrs. Dubose, an old lady that harasses Jem and Scout each time they walk past her house. Jem is forced to read to Mrs. Dubose as punishment after he destroyed her front yard because Mrs. Dubose had made rude comments about Atticus and his defending of Tom Robinson; a black man. During their time together, Mrs. Dubose often has these fits which later were due to withdrawal symptoms of morphine. After her death, Atticus teaches his children about courage and uses Mrs. Dubose as an example.
Chapter Summary
-Mrs. Dubose house
Plot Significance
This chapter is significant to the plot because it shows how Jem and Scout witness and understand courage. It also demonstrates Atticus's wish for them to judge a person's character by both their good qualities as well as their bad ones and to understand their situation. Mrs. Dubose appears to be rude and judgemental but also has a gentle side. She also illustrates a tremendous amount of courage through her elimination of her morphine addiction at the cost of more pain cast upon herself.
Chapter 11
To Kill a Mockingbird

Narrator Voice/Perspective

First person

Historical Content
There was little to no historical content.
Central Themes
-Coming of age
-Coexistence of good and evil
-Appearance V.S. Reality
-Growing up (maturing)
-Mrs. Dubose

-To teach Scout and Jem a lesson
-Showcase their growth as they are shown different sides of a character (Mrs. Dubose).
Acedemic and impersonal, often instructional
Group #3
Suvena Ricknauth. Tehjeev Sandhu, Ahmad Rammah, Riya Patel

Person vs. Self
- Jem going through some inner conflict.
-Mrs. Dubose fought against her own desires for morphine.

Person vs. Person
- Scout against Mrs. Dubose.
- Jem against Mrs. Dubose.

-The audience learn a bit about Atticus's mentality towards the Tom Robinson case.
-Young adults
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