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HS 2 May 2014

No description

Paul Dobbins

on 18 August 2014

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Transcript of HS 2 May 2014

First MICA installed March 2006
New browser based 'MICA 3' developed
DLR Control room system delivered
Cisco WAN with MICA as Line control system
Enhanced for Crossrail - Bond Street system delivered
DLR MICA System upgraded for Olympic support
All DLR signs now controlled by MICA
First development of IP CCTV control
Currently migrating Canary Wharf to IP CCTV
MICA mobile trials
telent iPhone App controls selection of CCTV images to monitor station from the gateline
Retrieval of train arrival data with train head code
Streaming live image from selected station camera direct to iPhone in any station area
Trials now commenced
Buckhurst Hill and South Harrow
LU Fire panel isolation project
A key innovation in fire management
Implementation with LU about to start - business case offers significant savings
NR recognise these level of savings
telent will be first to implement a complete IP CCTV solution for LU
Ability of MICA to control both legacy and new CCTV - key to migration strategy
System allows simple remote isolation of any device or fire zone
Supports remote reading of device state - supports RCM
Upgrade of further 78 stations
Green Park
telent MICA - development timeline
Canary Wharf IP CCTV Migration
Most stations already have CCTV monitors at the gateline
Introduction to telent
Major NR Projects
National SCADA Project
Design capabilty
30 Highly Skilled Radio Engineers
Network Optimisation
Infill sites
Operational Design
Network coverage Testing
RSV Risk Mitigation and Confidence Testing
(Radio Electronic Token Block replacement Project)
5 ROCs Voice Comms Project
IP enabled and controlled / monitored all station assets
Swiss Cottage
London Bridge
telent / hs2 Workshop
8th May 2014
CMS development and configuration
IP Network design and implementation
Voice network design and implementation
Reading Station delivered
Reading significant firsts:
Major NR Station
Full IP CCTV system
CIS Integration
Fire integration
Any questions?
MICA selected by Atkins for Bank
Thank you
Online service updates and control of PC DVA announcements
5,000 screens to develop
Cell Planning
Team of cell planners - GSM-R, 3G and 4G
Desk Top to site/route Visits
Planning Permission
Design Consultancy
ERTMS Design Consultancy
Proven Capabilty
HS1/ NR NSS interface

telent Technology Services Limited
£350m turnover, 1500 staff
Main business areas - PTOs, Rail (mainline and Metro), Enterprise
Key locations - Warwick, Chorley, East London
Mainline and Metro rail accounts for over 30% business - 500 staff
Equal split between maintenance and projects
Rail Maintenance
24 / 7 Remote monitoring centre
34,000 incidents per annum
26,000 assets monitored
Rail technology R&D
300,000 assets at 1000 TOC stations and all 265 LU stations
8,000 km of trackside fibre
4 hour SLA nationwide
Leaky feeder design and install
Major Project experience
Trackside Communications
Customers -Network Rail and
Resignalling Companies
First systems delivered in circa 2001

Over 20 schemes successfully delivered

Station Comms
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