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Omar Jalil

on 19 September 2014

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Transcript of Renaissance

Historical Context and characteristics.
"Is the transition
Middle Ages
and the
modern age
The painting
become a tool for philosophical proposals and analyzed the
human body as something beautiful
and in constant balance with nature.
Shakespeare's Style
His main style traits are:
His stories show the past of the protagonist's life.
The hero dies or his life is changed forever.
The innocents suffer.
He depicts the human passions in a very visceral or impactful way.
Very meticulous care for poetic
rhyme, rhythm and metric.

Greek and Roman
culture was very important.
At this stage the man tries to
get rid of religion
Petrarch, Boccaccio and Dante
are representative writers and literary precursors. In cities were born a class of people called
patrons who paid the expenses of the artists.
The word “
” actually means “
to be born again
In 1512, the elderly Spanish nobleman Pedro Arias d'Avila became seriously ill and lapsed into a coma. His family thought that he was dead, and decided to bury him in a monastery near Madrid. One of his servants opened the coffin to say a last goodbye and discovered that Pedro was still alive!
After that, Pedro was known by the nickname 'the Revived'. He recovered fully and was appointed to lead an expedition to the Americas in 1513. He later became Governor of Panama and held a solemn requiem mass every year in a coffin to thank God that he had been rescued from premature burial. Pedro died in Nicaragua in 1531 at the ripe old age of 91.
The renaissance is very important in the world's history, because in this period of time, the things, the way the people used to think, literature, etc. changed. It is important for the class, because is part of our history and, its relevant for the other topics, to see the differences between the different ages that we went.
Javier Lozoya.
Omar Fierro.
Daniela Martinez.
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