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Michael Jackson - Trabalho de inglês

No description

Vanessa Ferreira

on 18 July 2015

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Transcript of Michael Jackson - Trabalho de inglês

Michael Jackson
So let's answered some questions...
1- What's the complete name of MJ?

2- When was he born?

3- What is the most famous dance move of him?

4- What is the group MJ sang before his alone career?

5- What's the name his ranch?

6- What's the name of the clip MJ was a zombie?
1) His complete name is Michael Joseph Jackson.

2) He was born on August 29, 1958.

3) The most famous dance move him is Moonwalker.

4) The Jacksons 5.

5) The name of his ranch is Neverland.

6) Thriller (obvious).
Life's Story
Work made by:
Vanessa Possidônio
Júlia Borges
Maria Cecília
Eloisa Fernanda
Verônica Estefânia
Lindsey Lara
Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 - July 25, 2009) was a great singer, songwriter, dancer, actor, producer, entrepreneur and philanthropist, who soon became the most talented and acclaimed figure in pop music, being praised and breaking records. Charted hits since childhood, is considered the most revolutionary music video and dance and greatest artist of all time.
In 45 years of career and thousands of fans around the world, was also recognized for its scandals in his personal life and to own the best-selling album of all time: Thriller, with nearly 65 million copies sold and after his death around the incredible milestone of 100 million copies up to 2010. Was a major contributor to the breakdown of racial bias against black music, leading various solidarity campaigns for institutions needy children, donating millions of dollars over the years.
Since small, conquered the world, along with his brothers, in the group The Jacksons 5, where he became the lead singer to complete 5 years of age. The group made a tremendous success in the late 60s and during the 70s. In 1979, he threw himself once in a solo career with the album Off the Wall sold more than 20 million copies and became a classic of Black Music, considered by critics one of the best albums of the genre in the history of music. But it was in 1982 that peaked with Thriller, which became the biggest selling album of all time. Michael turned worldwide craze, and joined the pop and black music.
Michael Jackson left three sons, a legion of fans and a heritage invaluable to global pop culture that will be remembered forever.

Thank you so much for letting us "crazy" with your Moonwalker, Michael!
MJ was born in Gary, Indiana, 1958.
Michael joined his siblings when he was 5 years old, and emerged as the group's lead vocalist.
Solo success for Michael was inevitable. Record sales consistently orbited, culminating in the biggest-selling album of all time, "Thriller" in 1982.
A rather timorous, androgynous figure to begin with, his physical appearance began to change drastically, and his behavior grew alarmingly bizarre, making him a consistent target for scandal-making, despite his numerous charitable acts.
Jackson purchased land to build Neverland Ranch. He installed Ferris wheels, a menagerie, and a movie theater.
In the summer of 1993, Jackson was accused of child sexual abuse by a 13-year-old boy named Jordan Chandler.
Moonwalk is a dance step was performed by superstar during performances of the song Billie Jean. The pitch became world famous on the night of March 25, 1983, during the celebration of Motown, where Michael Jackson performed and did the Moonwalk for the first time in public.
On June 25, 2009, it was reported that Michael Jackson suffered a cardiac arrest at his home. Because just as he was coming out of a four-year reclusive period and rehearsing for a sold-out London concert "comeback" in July, seems uncommonly cruel and tragic. Millions upon millions of dedicated fans will remember where they were "the day Michael died"
Years and years later, many controversies revolved around his personal life. His childhood was marked by beatings he received from his brothers and his father Joseph Jackson later also experienced problems with their appearance due to puberty and accidents in trials. Taking accusations of child abuse, struggled not to tarnish his image. Other controversies surrounding his life, like the day he showed his 3rd child through the window to screaming fans outside the hotel, or the plastic that completely changed his face and also on the color of his skin, which he said, turned white because of vitiligo disease and other uncommented.
In March 2009 announced the return to the stage after nearly a decade for a series of 50 concerts in London called This Is It to begin in July of the same year and that would give the singer his retirement. Incredibly, all 1 million tickets available were sold in a few hours, a milestone never before occurred in the history of showbiz. A new studio album was also expected, however, a fatal tragedy was still to come ...
On June 25, 2009, a few days before starting the big tour, Michael suffered a cardiac arrest. Around 6:00 pm (Los Angeles Time) was officially announced. The King of Pop was dead. His death had an international repercussion instant, with concerns from fans in many parts of the world.
(It is not for us to judge what led him to his death)
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