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Chapter 2 Project - Youth Criminal Justice Act

social presentation

Khristine Bautista

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Chapter 2 Project - Youth Criminal Justice Act

Case Study 1
Case Study 3
Youth who committed the crime



By: Shawna, Harseem, Khristine, Sarah Abba, and Megan
John Smith punched an uninvited guest after being confronted. The guest fell and hit his head.
The victim of the crime is one of the uninvited party guests who was punched in the stomach.
Youth who committed the crime
A.J and his friends, other teens in the car
The nature of the crime was that some people showed up uninvited to a party. When John Smith attempted to get them out, he was confronted and maybe in self protection he punched the guy in the stomach.
The severity of the crime depends on the head injuries sustained by the victim, the reasons why John acted the way he did, and why the uninvited guests were there. If the head injuries aren't that severe, than the crime isn't as severe compared to if the injuries were more severe. John tried to get the party guests out of the party and he was confronted. He may have punched the guy in the stomach for protection but he could have also done it for no really good reason at all. Although John still committed a crime, he may have had reasons for the way he acted. However, the guy could have suffered major injuries such as brain damage or a concussion. The seriousness of the injury wasn't given out in the scenario, but the severity of the crime partially depends on this. The victim may have come to the party to break up the party and to stop it before it got to carried away. However, the victim may have come to the party to stir things up/help party along. All these factors help determine the severity of the crime, however John Smith still punched someone, so the crime is still severe.
The type of crime that occurred is assault. When John punched the "guest" in the stomach, the guy fell and struck his head causing bodily harm.
Type of Crime
We believe a reasonable consequence for the crime depends on the seriousness of the head injury. John should serve community service for about 30 hours. John should also go to some sessions for alcohol and drug counseling because he might have acted the way he did because these products were consumed. He should also work with and help out at a recovery centre for drug and alcohol addicts. Any hospital charges should also be paid for out of his $2 500 fine. John Smith is of the age of 16 and was looking forward to going back to school. This tells you that he is a good kid and maybe he acted out because of the consumption of these bad substances. These consequences are both fair to the offender and the victim because the victim receives all funding for the injuries he suffered and the offender not only helps the victim, but also receives help himself.
Type of Crime
How the crime will/could affect the victim:
The victim of the crime may be greatly impacted by the injuries sustained. He may have suffered major damage which could lead to serious problems. He may be out of work for quite a while and could have suffered brain damage which could change the rest of his life. The injuries could have been minor, however. The quality of life for not only himself but his family, friends, and community could be greatly affected.
Victim of the crime:
The victims of the crime are the owners of the house that received property damage.
The nature of the crime was that A.J. was excited to drive his new car with his friends and made bad choices because of this excitement. When another car of teens pulled up beside them, they decided to race them. This resulted in the car swerving and crashing into a house when another car entered there paths.
We believe some reasonable consequences for A.J. and his friends should be restitution, paying for all the property damage. They should also pay all speeding tickets and go to a sentencing circle to meet people from the community to learn how their actions did and could have affected them.They should also complete community service and go to counseling to learn about the consequences to their actions. A.J. should also have his driver's license taken away until he understands the consequences of his actions and when all the punishments and counseling have been properly completed. A.J. should also have demerit points taken away. Theses punishments not only pay back for the damage that was done, but also lets the offenders realize that what they did was wrong and gives them consequences to help them.
Victim of the crime
Nature of the crime
The End!
The type of crime that occurred is speeding, reckless driving, endangering bystanders, and property damage.
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