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Is There Marketing in Your Website?

2014 Finalsite U Presentation

Mercedes Maskalik

on 27 June 2017

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Transcript of Is There Marketing in Your Website?

Is There Marketing in
Your Marketing Website?

Identifying the Need Through Research
Website Marketing Goals
Audience Values/Needs

Strategic Web Design

Unify the Experience
Website Marketing in Practice
Showcase Value Add
Attitudinal Research
Let's Talk About Affluent Suburbia
2012 Website Survey Results
Hard to find information
Confusing and inconsistent branding
Static site
Dated information
Make Standard
Content Pop
Add visual elements to standard content for a more engaging and visually appealing web page.
Share your
story often
(and use video).
Quick Stats
Among the nation's more prodigious users of digital media.

Early tech adopters with large appetites for wireless technology and accessing the Internet through their cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Use the Internet as a major source of information as well as a tool to shop and research products, among other online activities.
Clear Calls to Action
Get to know us

Mercedes Maskalik, Renbrook School
with Kara Stanley, Finalsite

Establish Achievable Goals

Increase External Awareness/Brand Recognition
Increase Internal Awareness
Increase Student Recruitment
Increase Student Retention
Increase Giving and Alumni Participation
Strengthen Community Relations

A Strategic Approach to Marketing
Data-driven decisions
Survey sent to 1587 individuals
11% response rate
79% of respondents were parents of current students
21% were lost prospects.
33% of respondents were families with incomes of $500,000 or more.
Quick Tip:
For Consumer Behavior & Marketing Trends
Consider data from previous surveys (within three years).
Web design has to be a part of a cohesive user experience.

Consistent with visual identity standards, voice, and tone - across all points of contact.
Highlight points of distinction.
Deliver storytelling through media mix and bold photography.
Create a connection around emotion & warmth (i.e. emotional appeals).
75% of respondents in the attitudinal research were female, median age 45.

Emotional appeals are extremely effective with this group.
Leverage the Site
Search Engine Optimization
Content Marketing
Social Media
Earned, Owned, Paid
all working together

A Unifying
Using Forms Manager for RSVPs and promoting through Facebook ads, attendance jumped by 30% in the last year for 4 out of 6 public events held on campus.

That's more than 400 new visitors to our campus in one year.
Videos are
More likely to be shared = earned media
Easier to consume = longer engagement
Excellent for SEO (include tags, keywords, and sitemaps as often as possible).

Videos are the most effective way to create an emotional response.
Is your website
leveraged and marketed?
Every school should have a cohesive social media strategy – one that uses each platform for its unique qualities and consistently drives traffic back to the website.

Have a Social Plan for before and after major events.

Put great content on other sites that link back to your site.
Take time to understand the basics around SEO.

Search is evolving constantly and every algorithm update makes it harder to be found.
Quick Tips
Keep content diverse – It's appealing, engaging, and great for search.

Take the "No Text" test. Is your site a true reflection of your school?

Create a Social Hub to collate and collect all your content.
Today's families are goal-driven and tech savvy, and have no patience for confusing navigation and slow loading fixed-width sites.
Your school’s website is the megaphone that amplifies your value proposition.
Your site should provide visitors with a seamless experience across devices and ensure that your brand integrity remains intact while delivering consistent messaging to any device.
Let's Connect!
Email: mmaskalik@renbrook.org
Twitter – @Mercedes_Mask
LinkedIn – Mercedes Maskalik
LinkedIn – Kara Stanley
Session Feedback: fsufeedback@finalsite.com
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