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USA Calendar 2014

No description

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of USA Calendar 2014

The "way" of the USA Calendar project...
Project idea
project draft - project plan
project realization
creation of calendar sheet and working with the computer

team work

Project evaluation
presentation of the project according to
Frey's project phases

reflection I:
stepping stones"
with focus on project diary and learning objectives
reflection II:
evaluation of the project

invitation to a "
calendar- gallery walk

problems with meta interaction and
work with project diary

"Stepping stones"

"Stepping stones"

fixed points had to be postponed
-->slow working pace, other circumstances
problems with comprehension of English Internet resources

project ending

What is important for a good/successful project work in English?

expectations & aims

Expectation 1:

Expectation 2:

foster learner autonomy and self-dependence

-->meta interaction
with help of project diary
"A journey of a thousand miles
must begin with a single step." (Laotse)

Expectation 3:
teacher role

finish calendars
--> team work
"Stepping stones"
knowledge about public holidays on a superficial level


give a concrete task to foster intercultural awareness
some presentations have been very short

give concrete guidelines
keep audience busy with a task
--> feedback/evaluation form
--> map
Focus: project diary

group certificate

group rules
group roles
project timetable

individual reflection
"Assess yourself"

-->finding the balance:
sufficient support vs. learning autonomy
form with self-evaluation
and evaluation of group members

statements on video

evaluation with a
target disk

more language support:
= give "useful phrases" for the project diary

according to the student's
language level
= provide material for research
for weaker students
= usage of given resources

Invitation to a "calendar-gallery-walk"
... to value the student's products.
learning objectives according to curriculum:

can visualize their results with the help of the computer (media competence)
can use strategies to analyze texts
can write short texts for the calendar

"Stepping stones"
Conclusions and perspectives
Expectation 1:
motivation through action-oriented and product-oriented work
Expectation 2:
foster learner autonomy
Expectation 3:
teacher role
teacher as adviser
as moderator
teacher as organizer
Thank you for your attention!
Project work:
USA Calendar 2014
project presentation by Michaela Bernhard
concentration during
presentation phase
spend more time
at the end of each
lesson to make the entry
- or: shorten it.
arouse motivation and interest with end product "USA Calendar 2014"
product-oriented work
-form of reduction-
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