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The Invention of Hugo Cabret

English Project Slideshow Presentation.

Katelynn Valle

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of The Invention of Hugo Cabret

The Invention of Hugo Cabret By Katelynn Valle Brian Selznick Plot Summary Hugo Cabret is a 12 year old boy in the 1930's in Paris, France who secretly lives in a train station by himself. He used to live with his father, who was a inventor, but his father died at a museum during a fire when he was trying to fix a mysterious automaton machine. After his father's death, Hugo found the automaton machine and took it as something to remember about his father. He went to live with his drunk uncle who worked as the time keeper of the train station. One day when his uncle doesn't come home, he is forced to take look after the clocks himself and tries to remain unexposed while stealing food by the nearby cafes. Hugo decides to fix the automaton determined that it hides a secret message from his father. While trying to fix the automaton, he gets caught stealing a toy mouse for its mechanisms by the grumpy old toy storekeeper. The toy storekeeper takes Hugo's father's notebook threatening to burn it if he doesn't work off his debt to the man. Eventually, Hugo finds out he doesn't need his father's notebook to fix the automaton. With the help of his new found friend, Isabelle, they work together to complete the automaton. Using Isabelle's necklace, they wind up the automaton and watch it draw a picture of Hugo's late father's favorite movie. As the automaton finishes the picture, it signs the picture Georges Méliès, the name of Isabelle's godfather and the name of the toy storekeeper. Hugo sets out to confront Papa Georges about the automaton, but Isabelle tries to stop him. It was no use to Isabelle and Hugo finds where Papa Georges lives. When Hugo confronts Papa Georges, he as a breakdown about his past.In the end, Papa Georges finds that his movies were brilliant and sets out to make more with the help of Hugo. Major Characters Hugo Cabret - The 12 year old mechanically inclined boy set out to fix his late father's automaton. Isabelle Méliès - Hugo's friend and Georges Méliès goddaughter. Georges Méliès - Isabelle's godfather. He used to be a magician then became an important movie maker and now runs a toy shop in the train station. Initial Setting The initial setting takes place in a train station in Paris, France in the 1930's. Major Theme The major theme is that Hugo learns to never give up on his dreams, and that anything is possible no matter what your age is. Credits The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick Book Picture: http://citypaper.com/arts/books/brian-selznick-em-wonderstruck-em-and-em-the-invention-of-hugo-cabret-em-1.1252459 Gear Picture: http://www.presentation-process.com/powerpoint-gears.html#axzz2SMrD9Ftc Picture of Hugo: http://drnorth.wordpress.com/2010/04/10/casting-confirmed-for-the-invention-of-hugo-cabret/ Picture of Isabelle: http://drnorth.wordpress.com/2010/04/10/casting-confirmed-for-the-invention-of-hugo-cabret/ Picture of Georges: http://drnorth.wordpress.com/2010/04/10/casting-confirmed-for-the-invention-of-hugo-cabret/ Soundtrack - The Thief by Howard Shore jdkvjZLKVjcxz
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