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Growth map of Leilao.JP

From Japan to Brazil

Dino Slender

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Growth map of Leilao.JP

photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr Leilao.JP Brazil 2014~ After the validation of the model in the market niche of Japanese descendants, we will make the next step to 250 inner cities. (60 million people) Leilao.JP Brazil 2013 Japanese descendants in Brazil (1.5 million)
Following the same model that is used in Japan
we expect to be #1 Market Place in this market niche in one year. Leilao.JP Japan 2012 Foreign community (3 millions)
#1 Auction/Products 13K (10 days)
#1 C2C Memberships (46K)
#1 B2C Stores 50
#1 PV 7M/Month

LTV B2C ¥ 25.000
CAC B2C ¥ 20.000
Avg. C2C memberships per new visit 2%
ARPU To began in 2013 Expected (¥100) World 2020~ Leilao.JP After the Brazilian success
we will expand to other
portuguese language
speaking countries.
(280 million people) Our values to do this
Talent aquisition with meritocracy
Team leaders focused on customer
Low cost structure
Japanese reputation Leilao.JP Strengths Freemium model
Free trial C2C to become a B2C
Inbound Marketing
High cutomer satisfaction
3 types of monetization
Customer behavior analysis
8 years of tests to validation
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