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Engaging with Students

Presentation for Capita Conference: Alternative Provision in Education (21/5/2015)

Dan Conley

on 18 June 2016

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Transcript of Engaging with Students

Engaging with Students
& Providing High Quality Teaching & Learning
Dan Conley
Head of Inclusion
Wilmslow High School: 01625 441 058
Increasing the achievement of challenging students
Helping children recognise their potential
The Context
* Head of Inclusion post advertised
* Building under construction
* Alternate provision
* Inconsistent
* Wrong students in, Right ones not
* No quality assurance
* SMART Behaviour Management needed
* Proactive learning base
* Recognise and utilise student potential
* Develop frameworks of alternative provision, teaching & learning
* Performance measures:
* Attendance
* Behaviour
* Achievement
Utilise people...
Utilise interventions...
* Interventions 'Menu'
* School, Life, Community, Work
Academic Progress value (months, EEF)
Behavioural Impact (RAG, internal)
Cost (£ to £££££)
Quality Assurance (* to *****)
Providing frameworks that encompass a wide range of qualifications
Helping students Utilise their potential
Identifying the Students
Quality Assurance:
* Uncertain quality / poor feedback on behaviour, progress or attendance / intangible outcomes
*** Consistent quality / some feedback missing or irregular / summative outcomes
***** High quality provision and safeguarding / excellent and regular feedback / tangible outcomes
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