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No description

Sarah Ramos

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Asthma

Aja Benjamin
Keisha Merentie
Sarah Ramos
What is Asthma?
It is a chronic lung disease
It comes from the Ancient greek verb AAZEIN- meaning to breath with an open mouth or to pant
Asthma is a condition that affects our natural ability to breath
Has been an illness for 2,000 years and perhaps more than 4,000
What causes Asthma?
Cold air
Physical activity (running)
Respiratory infection such as the common cold
Air pollutants such as smoke
Strong emotions and stress
Menstrual cycle in some woman

Feeling shorten of breath
Chest tightens
Asthma Attack
Struggling for breath
Hard to speak
Nostrils flaring out
Blue lips
Really tired or lethargic
Squeezing in skin above breastbone and between ribs
Symptoms of Asthma:
How does asthma develop:
You are pregnant
Your parents have asthma one of them
Have allergies (eye, skin, nasal)
Hyperactive airways
Organs affected by Asthma:
Muscle tissue
Nervous tissue
Lung cells
How to cure/treat/surgery for Asthma:
Inhalers and medications
Bronchial thermoplasty is a surgery that opens up the airways
Facts about Asthma:
The amount of people who have asthma has increased by 15%
23 million people in the world have asthma
In children boys are more likely to have asthma
In adults women are more likely to have asthma then men
Asthma is the most common in children
There is no cure for asthma so you live your whole life with it
How I deal with "asthma":
Take my inhaler when needed
Make sure if I have trouble breathing I have something to drink and my inhaler
See my doctor

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