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Project Based Learning

An overview of Project Based Learning (PLB) created by Destry Shane Sullivan.

Shane Sullivan

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of Project Based Learning

PBL Project
Learning What is it? Project Based Learning or PLB is a teaching and learning model that emphasizes student-centered instruction by assigning open ended projects that require students to think critically, collaborate, and communicate. Structure of PBL? Why PBL? Cross Curricular Connections Reading Writing Speaking Math Science Humanities Presentation
Skills Unlimited Posibilities! 21 Century Skills Team
Work Problem
Solving Research
Gathering Time
Management Information
Synthesizing High Tech
Tools Social Responsibility Welcome to the
real world! Create a Class
Project www.worksheetlibrary.com Fine Arts Technology PBL Projects Should Be: Student
Centered Real World Curriculum
Related Risk Free Hands On Performance
Based Connected to
Past Performances Collaborative Assign Groups Create
or Scenario Set Parameters Consultation
Input/Feedback Student
Presentations Criticisms Foundational Math Subjective
Evaluation Time Professional
Development Self Assessed Do the pros outweigh the cons?
You decide! Works Cites

Wikipedia: "Project-based Learning"

Buck Institute for Education (BIE):
http://www.bie.org/about/what_is_pbl/ Prezi created by
D. Shane Sullivan
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