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Age of Exploration Vocabulary

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Susan Zamorski

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of Age of Exploration Vocabulary

Age Of Exploration Vocabulary This was a time of rebirth and growth of new ideas in Europe. Exciting new discoveries and ideas led people to want to explore their world. The Renaissance European who got credit for finding the New World. Columbus Colony set up by Spain in the "New World" New Spain Circumnavigate People wanted to circumnavigate the globe or sail all the way around the world. Spices The people of Europe wanted to circumnavigate the globe to get Spices from the Far East. Northwest Passage In order to circumnavigate the globe, the explorers needed a passage through the New World. Colony European countries also wanted to set up colonies, which are territories controlled by distant countries. Caravel The explorers used a Caravel, which was a new kind of ship that could sail against the wind to try and find the Northwest Passage. Astrolabe The explorers also used an astrolabe which allowed them to navigate at night. This was invented during the Renaissance. Tainos Native Americans that Columbus met when he landed in the "New World." Hispanola Hispanola is what Columbus called the "New World." Columbian Exchange The exchange of goods, ideas and diseases started by Columbus between Europe and the "New World." Examples of things exchanged are horses, potatoes, diseases and pumpkins. Domesticate Europeans exchanged the idea of taming wild animals, or domesticating them, with the Native Americans to use for food, milk and other purposes. Conquistadors Conquerors sent by Spain to claim the New World. Two examples are Cortez who conquered the Aztecs and Pizzaro who conquered the Incas. The Three G's Spain wanted Gold, God and Glory in the New World. They wanted riches, to spread religion and the fame of owning new lands. Missions Missions were religious building built by the Spanish to force the Native Americans to become christians. Encomiendas The Queen of Spain would grant or give land to people in the New World. This was called an Encomienda. Penisulares Penisulares were the rulers in New Spain that moved to the New World from Spain. Creoles Creoles were the wealthy, educated people in New Spain who were Spanish but were born in the New World. Mestizos People in New Spain who were part Spanish and Part Native American. Plantation Plantations were giant farms that Native Americans and later African American slaves were forced to work on.
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