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No description

evie sadler

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of E-safety

E - Safety homework
social networks
online games
other entertainment internet usage Whilst you are on the internet you may not realize but you are putting yourself at great risk, especially on social networking sites ...

people can hack your accounts and say things to people very close to you that you may not want them to say.
people called pedophiles can find out personal information such as where you live or your phone number, they will make you trust them until eventually you meet them in person, it is then you find out they are not who you thought they were, they will abuse you and make you feel uncomfortable. Dangers of using the internet NEVER give away personal information online:
- where or when you're hosting parties
- your address
- your age
- any phone numbers
- account details
- when you're going on holiday

NEVER agree to deals over phone, internet or email.

NEVER arrange to meet someone you don't know and if you do make sure you are with a responsible adult. Rules for when
you're on the internet If things go wrong whilst you are using the internet you can usually solve them but in some cases problems are permanent. What to do if things
go wrong Speaking to people you trust is a great way to solve your problems because they can give you support and advice. To report abuse click the CEOP report button commonly found on websites. The worst thing to do if you have a problem is to keep it to yourself, if you do that the problem will never get solved and you will never feel safe online again. click on the cloud to find out more. By Evie Sadler 8AE
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