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Food Chains and Food webs

No description

Rajesh Kumar

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Food Chains and Food webs

Food chains shows the transfer of energy and relationship among living beings on the Earth.Food chain starts with Producer which is usually a plant because plants make their own food.When those plants are eaten by animals(known as consumers) the energy is transfered to consumers and consumers are eaten by predators
Decomposers play an important role on Earth by breaking down dead organisms into simpler substances,without them there would be so much remains on Earth and those remains could be proven dangerous for living beings.
Grass (Producer)
Grasshopper the most common consumer of Gardens.Grasshoppers are usually found in habitat where there are low plants,grasshoppers are found almost in every habitat but the common one is garden it consumes grass and leaves for its survival.Grasshopper is further eaten by secondary consumers and then by predators.
Fungi (decomposeres)
The primary decomposers of litter .like bacteria, which are unicellular organisms, most saprotrophic fungi grow as a branching network of hyphae. While bacteria are restricted to growing and feeding on the exposed surfaces of organic matter, fungi can use their hyphae to penetrate larger pieces of organic matterin many ecosystems are fungi.
Food Chains and Food webs
Food Chains
Grass is a type of plant. A common kind of grass is used to cover the ground, in a lawn.
Grass is the most well known producer of garden and woodland.It is eaten by many herbivores like zebra,grasshopper and kangaroo.
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