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The 1st (and possibly last) Prezi Forum Awards

No description

Prezi David Hooker

on 5 December 2018

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Transcript of The 1st (and possibly last) Prezi Forum Awards

The 1st (and possibly last)
Prezi Email

1 - Must be from
2 - Winners get a
3 - Must have been sent to a multi-person email list
4 - The award categories, nominations, and winners were chosen by a
body of experts who acted with the utmost integrity.
The email that changed our world
Peter Halacsy
: [CONVERSATION] gossip / rumour / backstabbing / talking behind someone's back
David Malpass
: SnT on Tuesdays
Evan Czaplicki
: Bold & Italic
Peter Halacsy
: the most influential paper I read this year
Gabor Torok
: torok alias kocsog

: "meandering intellectual masturbation"
Gida Pataki
: I was able to turn the knobs on both doors (on my way out at least).
Adam “Cassus” Banko
: Don't panic. But if you are itching you might have scabies
Did I really send that?
David G
: "why can't we simply accept decisions that were made by more competent people than us in their field? Don't you guys read and write enough emails?"
Peter Halacsy:
"What the fucking fuck is the problem with this article?"
Balint Gabor
: “Thank you for managing my time”
Zsolt Fabok
: "Pay attention and use words like "fucking" and "rude" on a public mailing list wisely.”
The Golden Typo
Gabor Valy
i: i've just been SEOd (he’d been SEM
Myongkoo Kang
: Hello Prezi Nation
Myongkoo Kang
: Best with to your, David.
Medea Baccifava
: I really believe I have
never felt myself more
than I feel in Prezi.
Amanda Richardson
: Please wait until February to freak out.
Amanda Richardson
: I have to jump in and stop the madness. Here's the deal:
This is not a witch hunt. Please relax.
Amanda Richardson
: At the risk of killing the conversation…we aren’t a blog tool.
Amanda Richardson
: Who is right? The users.
Longest Thread
Tobey Fitch
: Zoli's question on overall hiring and assessment process [forum] All: Recruiting, Selection, and Evolving how we do Assessment - New Stuff (62 Responses)
Alyssa Puhacz
: Untitled Prezi (53 responses)
Evan Czaplicki
: Design Goals discussion (60 responses)
Lyn Estka
: Wishful thinking 2014 (89 responses)
Biggest Contributor
Kristian Gundersen
: 198 forum replies
Zoltan Radnai
: 122 forum replies
Adam Somlai-Fischer
: 188 forum replies
Doug Ireland
: 106 forum replies
my bad
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