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Western and Eastern Ideals of Beauty

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Maraiah Alexandra Hartweg

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Western and Eastern Ideals of Beauty

Eastern and Western Ideals of Female Beauty
Modeling our ideals of beauty according to the 'Other'
'Easterners' value physical attributes of 'Westerners' as their 'ideals of beauty' and vice versa
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What is beauty?
Modeling our ideals of beauty according to the 'Other'
- What are the ideals in the East?
- What are the ideals in the West?
Contrary to what we have learned...
What are the ideals in the East?
white, rosy, fair skin
esp. prevalent in Asia and Africa
What are the ideals in the West?
Shift the standards of beauty in the 20th Century, in Western society - prefer a
darker, tanned complexion.
Maraiah Hartweg
What is Beauty?
"The feminine beauty ideal – the socially constructed notion that physical attractiveness is one of women’s most important assets, and something all women should strive to achieve and maintain (Spade et al, P. 1).”
Ideal Beauty
' = set of characteristics that are valued, which
perfection; relative to one's culture & environment.
, long history of l
skin (
aristocrats, rich enough to stay indoors
) vs.
skin (
working class, had to go out in sun to work
Big business in Asia, abundance of whitening cosmetics
Globalization = obsession becomes more prevalent
In recent years, campaigns against the bias of dark skin have been established.
Dark is Beautiful'
campaign in India in 2009

In the Philippines...
Many people in poorer countries such as in the Philippines, strive for the good life, affluence and
white skin
that EU and the US depict.

Filipinos internalize colonial values and admire American (& European) culture and white skin.
Tanned skin is associated with being:
Contrary to the East,
'pale skin'
is associated with
working indoor office jobs
, while
darker skin
is associated with having
leisure time and being wealthy
enough to go on holiday.

However, it is
desired to be black, only 'tanned'
In spite of the fact that skin cancer/melanoma is the
fastest growing
type of cancer in America (
1000% in the last 50 years)
, a "preference for tanned skin and desirable ideal for beauty" prevails (Banerjee, S. C. et al).

Tan skin =youth, health, beauty and attractiveness towards opposite sex
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