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Resonus Corp

No description

Jemilla Mills-Smith

on 10 March 2016

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Transcript of Resonus Corp

People, Sources, Contingencies of Power.
Influence Tactics and Organizational Politics.
Alternatives and Recommendations
Conclusion and Questions.
Frank Choy was just hired at Resonus Corp, a hearing aid designer and manufacturer.
Resonus Corp has suffered from interdepartmental conflict, with several delays in product manufacturing.
Several engineering directors have been fired or resigned within 1 to two years of working with the conglomerate.
Bill Hunt, the CEO supports the unequal distribution of power that Doc Kalandry, the research director initiates. This puts the blame on Frank Choy, the new engineering director, and Jacqui Blanc, the production director, and ESD employees.
People of Power
Frank Choy: Engineering Director
Bill Hunt: CEO
Jacqui Blanc: Production Director
Doc Kalandry: Research Director
Contingencies of Power
: only Kalandry has authority over product management, and his spontaneous ideas puts a strain on other departments.
: all departments are dependent on the decisions of the CEO and, to a certain extent, the research director, his carefree demeanor causing negative effects.
: employees have very little discretion, especially those in the ESD group; mainly the department directors, especially Kalandry, have autonomy with decisions.
: not specified but we can assume that everyone is clearly visible because the CEO regularly calls the directors to meet and ESD group are highly aware of the power of Kalandry, the CEO, and other directors.
Organizational Politics?
behaviours viewed as self-serving tactics for personal gain at the expense of other employees, the organization, or both.
these politics are evident in this case because of the unequal distribution of power that Kalandry possesses.
this causes the delay of product manufacturing as well as interdepartmental conflict.
Sources of Power
Legitimate Power
: directors of each department can request certain tasks of employees, the same for CEO; used negatively.
Coercive Power
: Doc Kalandry's charisma influences the CEO, he applies peer pressure to Choy and Blanc, who require more of their groups. Failure to fulfill expectations = punishment usually applied to ESD group.
Expert Power
: Kalandry has CEO in the palm of his hand, giving him more room to influence him. Also tied to
Referent Power
norm of reciprocity
used in such a way that puts a strain on the ESD group.
Resonus Corp: Power and Influence in the Workplace
Issues with Sources and Contingencies
All of the sources and contingencies of power in this case had a negative connotation that inevitably led to interdepartmental conflict, a severe imbalance of power, and a biased authoritative power dynamic.
Influence Tactics
The influence tactics present in this case are
Assertiveness, Information Control and Upward Appeal.
The CEO was assertive with the engineering director and the ESD group, along with other departments, so that Kalandry's ideas could become reality.
In a sense, Kalandry controls the information by constantly upgrading his designs which can be considered as re-arranging information.
Upward appeal is very evident, as Kalandry captivates the CEO to the extent that he considers Kalandry a genius that will lead the company to new innovative heights.
There is also a coalition formation between Hunt and Kalandry, an upward appeal that creates conflict.
Alternatives and Recommendations
Increase Reward power and Referent power for the ESD group.
Pros and Cons.
Limit Coercive power and the negative way legitimate power is applied.
Pros and Cons.
Increase Substitutability, so that Kalandry is not the sole director of research.
Pros and Cons.
Decrease Centrality so that not everyone is dependent on Kalandry and the CEO.
Pros and Cons.
Increase Discretion amongst employees so that they can decide when is the best time for Kalandry's spontaneous ideas.
Pros and Cons.
Increase positive Visibility; Hunt and Kalandry meet and it seems as if they are excluding others, so increasing visibility in a positive way can decrease conflict and organizational politics.
Pros and Cons.
Question 1
Who is responsible for the delays in production?
a. Jacqui Blanc
b. Frank Choy
c. Doc Kalandry
Question 2
Name two of the five sources of power.
Question 3
What was the new technology that created the delay in production?
a. microchip software
b. nano technology
c. redesign of the product
Resonus Corp was facing interdepartmental conflict due to the unequal balance of power. This happened because Kalandry used sources of power negatively as well as the contingencies in a bad manner, and also used influence tactics that blinded the CEO from making effective judgements. Our solutions are to increase reward power, referent power, substitutability, discretion, and positive visibilty; as well as decreasing centrality, this could aid in solving this issue at hand.
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