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Endangered Animals

This prezi tells you how endangered animals are and how critical it is

Robert Freeman

on 1 June 2013

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Transcript of Endangered Animals

Endangered Animals The Ocean Big cats Animals are endangered because people hunt them all the time – this is called poaching. Here is a list of how animals
are endangered: poaching, habitat loss, and no prey/food. The Lion The King f the jungle lions the king of the jungle Leopards the normal leopard The Tiger the biggest
big cat of them all Big cats are beautiful and deadly animals but they are losing numbers fast that's why organisation like WWF are working hard to protecting them. clouded leopard the
smallest and most
mysterious big cat The gorilla.
the greatest
of the great apes The orangutan.
the most endangered
great ape Chimpanzee.
the smallest
great ape Lets start with great apes and bears The brown bear
also known as
grizzly bear The panda.
the rarest
bear The polar bear.
the only bear that
only eats meat The honey bear. the real
winnie the pooh Herbivores African elephant.
did you know its ears
are shaped like Africa Hippopotamus.
did you know? its
bite is more deadly
then a lions Giraffe the
tallest land
animal Zebra. did you know?
no zebra's stripes are
the same African rhino. it was almost
hunted to extinction Sloth. the slowest
animal on earth Meerkat. did you
know that meerkats
live in mobs or a gang The Blue whale.
the biggest animal
that ever lived Killer/orca whale.
did you know orcas
are actualy dolphins Manatee. did you know that sailors once
thought manatees were mermaids!!! Tiger shark.
they will eat
anything! Sea otter. did you
know they fall asleep
while swiming! Herbivores are peaceful
but they can hurt you we
dont know why humans
kill them. Alot of the oceans animals are
peaceful but theres lots of deadly ones too
alot of them seem deadly but are just
gentle giants. Jaguar the big cat
of the amazon Normal leopard black leopard/panther
a very rare leopard Snow leopard
a rare and beautiful
cat Cougar the mountain cat Barbary lion barbary lions
are not extinct yet but theres only 30 left in the
whole world :( Did you know that
snow leopards evolved from
tigers? Extinct Alot of the worlds Animals are
already extinct :( lets look
at a few The most
endangered Dinosaurs Caspian Tiger Quagga Tasmanian Tiger Dodo Giant Tortoise Saber Toothed Cat Woolly Mammoth Now one of thebiggest animal to ever live
C.Megalodon Did you know c.megalodon ate
t rexes This picture is fake its CGI its cool though Thank You For watching Cheetah the fastest
land animal For WWF (World Wildlife Fund) BUT wait there's more! What needs to be done. YOU can help endangered animals by donating to WWF to help save your chosen animal this is what you will get... * A adoption certificate
* A cuddly toy of your chosen animal
* Regular updates and more!
Please donate before its too late....

ANIMAL SCRAPBOOK Now finally the end :) I hoped you liked it give it a So it will get popular and hopefully
more people will donate to WWF
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