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Military robots and weapons and their uses, pro/cons, and how they are made.

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Gabriel An

on 15 September 2015

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Transcript of Military robots and weapons and their uses, pro/cons, and how they are made.

Military robots , the Future of Mechanical Warefare
Functions of Military Robots
-Military robots can be used as scouts for infiltrating enemy territory.
-They are mainly used to do jobs that are too dangerous for soldiers.
-They are also used to shoot artillery.
Development of robotic weapons
Pros of using robotic weapons
-Keeps soldiers from getting into dangerous situations
- Reduces bloodshed.
Cons of using robotic weapons.
-They can't handle situations with social cues.(ex. soldiers vs civilians)
-Signals could be intercepted from the human controlling the robot.
Tools Military Robots Use
Events in where military robots are used.
Robots were used in the front lines at Iraq. To help protect human lives
U.S navy uses drones to scout underwater mines.
-Most Military are robots are multifunctional
-The work envelope of a military robot varies from being unlimited to limited one way or another.
How the robot does what it does.
-Sensors send feedback and information back to the person steering the robot.
-Some robots have an "automatic" mode which allows the robot to move based on environment.
-Sensors often include infrared detection, and GPS.

-A lot of money is
required to mass
produce military robots.
Impact the use of military robots leave on the army.
-Military robots allow impossible situations to become possible as well as allowing dangerous scenarios to be safer.
Careers opened by the use of military robots.
-Testing of Military Robots
-Brainstorming improvements to existing version of a robot.
-Programming software
The future of robotic use in the military
-Improved sensors might improve information relaying.

-More accurate movements

-Smaller spy drones for more effective detailed information.
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