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Communication Theories in Film

No description

Sarah Baber

on 10 November 2013

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Transcript of Communication Theories in Film

Communication Theories
in Film

500 Days of Summer
• Takes place after initial greeting

• Includes small talk - highlights what individuals may have in common

• Individuals share common interests and gage interest in one another

• Evaluate likelihood of relationship

Band of Brothers
scene on Currahee Mountain
has "us" and "them" mentality
strives for success of the unit as a whole
Horton Hears a Who
Comprehensive Listening
Mean Girls
occurs when 2 or more individuals who must work together fail to share the same views, and have different interests or goals
defined by the focus and source of the conflict.
Communication Incompetence
Group Relationships
Coming Together Stage:
Dead Poets Society
Interpersonal Conflict
Group Unity
Developed by Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann
tendency of people to remain silent when they feel their views are in opposition to the majority
Perception of the majority opinion is not always in line with reality
Conformity: Spiral of Silence Theory
"Understanding the Message" is the main goal
Can differ from individual to individual Linguistic Relativity Theory explains culture differences in understanding
Best facilitated in an educational setting
Basis for next three types of listening
The policemen in this scene demonstrate a clear lack of comprehensive abilities with regards to the clerk's description of the robbery. This is a stark difference from what is known as "communication competence," and adds a sense of humor to the movie.

occurring through the use of 2 or more electronic devices
large focus on the social effects

Universal aspects
He’s Just Not That Into You
The level of anonymity is this situation is high. The caller does not even realize who he is leaving his voice message to. This type of situation would probably not occur if it were a face to face encounter.
Devil Wears Prada
the study of time
punctuality often conveys status
individuals often coordinate their schedules around that of the leader
As a man of Scotland, William Wallace fights for the freedom of his country against the English. He expresses his speech verbally while complementing it with movements and gestures.

Freaky Friday
The way that people say words, includes:
emphasis and differentiating
pitches, rates, tone and volume
Dinner for Schmucks
has various forms such as white lies, emergency lies, half truths, and exaggeration.
may also be caused by ignorance as seen in the Tower of Dreamers clip
maybe for malicious purposes as well.
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