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Copy of Jungles

No description

Nathan Burkett

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Jungles

Survival + A Simple Life = Contentment

A presentation of Johann David Wyss's book
The Swiss Family Robinson

Adventures in a Desert Island
The Father or William
Well Written?
The Swiss Family Robinson; or Adventures in a Desert Island
By Johann David Wyss
Publisher: Johann Rudolph Wyss, 1812
Genre: Adventure novel
320 pages
William, Elizabeth, and their four sons, Earnest, Fritz, Jack, and Francis, must attempt to survive on a deserted island, while William (their father) must teach his sons important life lessons.
By Nathan Burkett
Was it Well written?
My Opinion of
The Swiss Family Robinson
Sense of Adventure
Teamwork Aspect
Things didn't come easy, but that motivated them and made them more appreciative of things
Survival Techniques
Description: He is the Father of four boys, and his wife is Elizabeth; he is a good Christian, good with his hands, and a well rounded man
Circumstances: Lost on island with family and trying to be the leader of their survival adventure
Experiment in Living: Thanked God that he and his family survived rather than being angry
Kind and he showed the fruits of the spirit
Role in the story: protagonist
: She is married to William and is the mother of four boys. She is a Christian woman and she is very motivated to help whenever she can. She is also persistent, kind and gentle.
: Lost on an island and trying to survive with her family while doing multiple jobs to help (cook, clean, etc.).
Experiment in living
: She believes in God, and thanks him for her family's survival.
Role in the story
: protagonist
Description: He is the oldest of the four boys; he is a good hunter, thinks things through, and is good with his hands like his father.
Circumstances: He is stuck on an island with his family and is helping them to survive.
Experiment in Living: He believes in God and thanks him for delivering his family.
Role in story: Protagonist
Description: He is the second oldest of the four boys and is the smartest, but does not like to do physical work. His mother is Elizabeth and his father is William.
Circumstances: He is stuck on an island with his family and helping them to survive.
Experiment in living: He believes and thanks God for their deliverance from the shipwreck.
Role in Story: Protagonist
Description: He is the second youngest of the four brothers, his father is William and his mother is Elizabeth. He is still young and can be rash, but is growing out of it
Circumstances: He is lost on a island with his family and is helping them survive
Experiment in living: He believes in God and thanks Him for his deliverance
Role in Story: Protagonist
Description: He is the youngest of the four children and he is very young and rash
Circumstances: Stuck on an island and has to survive
Experiment in living: He believes in God, and thanks him for his deliverance
Role in story: Protagonist
This book was extremely well written. However, the older English language can be challenging for some people to read.
Conflict/Rising Action
Literary Devices
Foreshadowing: Family talking about savages on different native islands. This is a foreshadowing of the savages that are going to end up taking Elizabeth and Francis away
There is no Repetition or Allegory
The End
Thank you!
Time Period: Early eighteen hundreds (pg.3 introduction)
Point of View: 1st person (The Father)
Environment: A tropical island in New Guinea (pg. 2 of introduction)
Father lost fortune in Revolution of 1798
Emigrated to England
Became Missionary to Otaheite (Now known as Tahiti, which is the Largest island in the Windward group of French Polynesia)
On the way to Port Jackson, Australia ship wrecked and landed on one of the islands in New Guinea
I said," God can save us if he will. To him nothing is impossible; but if he thinks it good to call us to him, let us not murmur; we shall not be separated"
Entire book embodied conflict and rising action
Elizabeth (the mother) and Francis (the youngest son) taken by savages
Find other people and colonize with them
Ship comes to get them
They turn down offer to come home
Ernest goes to study astronomy
Earnest comes home two years later
They are fully settled with other island inhabitants
Are living contentedly with little
(two years later)
Ernest gets married
Elizabeth has future wives picked out for her other sons.
Plan on living there for rest of lives
1. The importance of God pg. 135
("We saw around us on every side traces of the Divine wisdom and beneficence; and our hearts overflowed with love and veneration for that Almighty hand which had so miraculously saved, and continued to protect us.")

pg. 51 ("turn our hearts from the vanities of the world, to God himself; thank him, worship him, and serve him.")

2. The importance of having knowledge about nature
pg. 59 ("I pointed out to the boys its beautiful red flowers; the leaves are an excellent application to wounds, and thread is made from the filaments, and the pith of the stem is used by the savage tribes for tinder.")

3. The importance of teamwork
Origins of The Swiss Family Robinson
Johann David Wyss told story to children
Children convinced him to turn story into a book
Son Johann Rudolf Wyss published it in 1812
Example: pg. 272 "I suppress all our reflections on this interesting history, and our gratitude for the termination of our trials, and hasten to the recital, which, at my particular entreaty, my wife proceeded to give us."
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