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Teenage Culture of the 1950's

No description

shannon patterson

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Teenage Culture of the 1950's

Teenage Life
in the 1950's Clothing & Styles Activities... Roles of Teens Before, boys were taught to go into the Service and then find a job to support a family. Before and After Drive in movies Games Girls were mostly taught to stay home and and take care of the household Hair Clothing Ladies favored to wear Poodles skirts, while the gents went for more of a uniform look with suits, and skinny ties were kind of "the thing" at the time. Saddle Shoes were also the "rage" for both boys and girls. REGULATIONS Back in the day ladies made their own clothes (more or less), unlike some of today's teens who feel compelled to buy $100 jeans ... H
? As for television... well, there wasn't much
what with all of the new post-war families
t.v. stations focused on younger children and
adult shows, Until the late fifties that is... misjudged symbolism... obviously. Afterward boys and girls were more often encouraged to further their education and attend college. It wasn't until these later 50's that
teens started to show a more
rebellious side of themselves... Dating It is what it is today, dating exclusively and feeling the other person "belongs" to them without the serious thought of marriage. Then there were shows like 'American Bandstand' that featured teens on set.
The purpose was mostly for a time-filler in between the day and afternoon adult shows like the news. T.V. All in all, dating is still pretty much the same as it was back then.
And don't forget pickup lines, no matter how cheesy at times, are still here as they were there... Mostly consisted of board, dice, and card games,
included bowling, also. Before the War "going steady"
was the idea that a couple was
serious about marriage,
during the fifties though,
the term got a bit of a
vocab lesson. (Shown to the side is one of many skirt and dress pattern prints.) Dancing! Boys hair - not allowed to touch ears. For ladies, it was frowned upon if they tried to wear pants, most schools wouldn't allow it anyways Boys weren't even allowed to wear blue jeans to school. Hot Rods were considered dangerous. After a few fatal accidents they were considered a menence to public safety. Rock&Roll gets the boot. It gets banned from schools and teen dances get shut down. Definition of juvenile delinquency was considered chewing gum in class and souping up hot rods. Teens and their "Bop" styles
*teens just wanted a change
"bop" was slang for new Bop styles were really just variations of steps and styles of swing and were called The Jitterbug, the rock&roll, Lindy, or boogie woogie ~Sock Hops~ Dancing with no shoes on
-they weren't allowed on the gym floor. B
s Influenced some
literature and music...

Were pretty much the hippies
before the hippies. Don't for get the hand jive!
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